Front Door Paint Colors for Maximum Curb Appeal

A purple front door with flower pot.

Curb appeal is exceedingly important to homeowners, whether you’re selling your home or living happily in it and wish to make a good first impression. A very cost efficient way to drastically change the look of the exterior of your home is changing your front door paint color (and possibly your shutters, if they match).

A red front door with plants on the steps, showcasing its vibrant paint color.
Red front door (Maria Killam).

Red is a classic front door hue yet it is a shock of excitement. This color is perfectly matched to Sherwin Williams’ Real Red.

An orange front door on a white house.
Orange front door (apartmenttherapy)

Orange is more of a unique choice and can give a very retro vibe which can be perfect for many homes that are in the mid-century modern style. Sherwin Williams’ Navel has this effect.

A yellow front door with red flowers on it.
Yellow front door (cre8tivecompass).

Yellow is a sunshine-y and cheerful color that promotes optimism! It is important to note that yellows should be chosen carefully. When direct sunlight hits a primary yellow, it can become blindingly bright. Stick to a yellow that is either slightly de-saturated or has a tiny bit of white. Sherwin Williams’ Daisy is a safe, yet joyful choice.

A green front door with a potted plant on it, showcasing an eye-catching front door paint color.
Green front door (keroiam).

Green is a mellow color that is refreshing to the eye. Sherwin Williams’ Direct Green closely matches this natural, yellow green.

A house with a turquoise front door.
Turquoise front door (hometalk).

This teal is another example of retro glamour! It is light and breezy which will make your home feel bigger yet less imposing. Tantalizing Teal by Sherwin Williams is a perfect match!

A house with a green front door.
Teal front door (brightboldbeautifulblog).

This dark variation of teal is delightfully elegant and mysterious. For this effect, try Really Teal by Sherwin Williams’.

A front door with ivy growing on it.
Purple front door (pinterest).

Purple is regal and elegant. For a grand front entrance much like the one above, try Sherwin Williams’ Impulsive Purple!

A pink door with a black and white checkered floor.
Blush front door (pompeii)

This faintly pink blush color is a beautifully understated way of adding a hint of color. This classic color has been matched to Sherwin Williams’ Malted Milk.

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