Tastefully Utilizing Rainbows in your Interior

A vibrant hanging chair in a room.

Rainbows get a bad rap for being childish or overly colorful. However, they are universally very pleasing to the eye and can be utilized without being overbearingly bright or tacky. In order to truly get the most out of this concept, the base rooms should be neutral, as it would be very easy to clash.

This chair above, for instance, is a great pop of color without being tasteless and prepubescent. The secret to this chair working is the slightly muted tone and transparency.

A vibrant rug in a living room.
Geometric rainbow rug (arcilook).
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Rainbow ombre rug (overstock).
A vibrant living room with colorful chairs and a colorful rug.
Overlapping squares rainbow rug (SonyaWinner).

Incorporate the colors out of order, omit a color or two, change the shapes, or choose muted or alternate colors. The reason making at least one of these changes is important is because pure red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet in that order brings on memories of classrooms or childrens’ shows. It is also too ‘on the nose’ and easy, making it tacky. The rugs above are excellent examples of using one or more of these concepts.

A vibrant living room with a colorful wall.
Paint chip wall art (sliptalk).
A colorful quilt on the wall.
Honeycomb rainbow wall art (ink360).
A vibrant metal wall art with colorful swirls.
Punched metal muted rainbow wall art (metalwallart).

The wall art pieces above are excellent examples of rainbow statement products that give rainbows a place in your your home without touching any cliches. Also as they are meant to be pops of creativity, art is an easy place to put colors or patterns that may seem risky on furniture or wall paint.

A row of vibrant mason jars filled with flowers.
Rainbow mason jar centerpieces (celebrations).
A couch with vibrant pillows on it.
Frilly pastel rainbow throw pillows (regenblog).
A vibrant dining room with a wooden table and chairs.
Rainbow accent chairs (furnishmyway).

Lastly, accent pieces such as centerpieces, throw pillows, and accent chairs are also safe places to incorporate gorgeous and colorful rainbows without venturing into kindergarten classroom territory. These things are supposed to catch the eye, and rainbows catch eyes like little else! Good luck!

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