10 Ways to Upcycle Old Toys for Your Home

A sculpture of a pug made out of upcycled plastic toys.

If you’re not quite ready to grow up and embrace all that is adult in decorating your home, there is a way you can bring part of your childhood into your home with great, if not quirky, ideas.  If you still have many of your old toys or have children that have grown tired of theirs, instead of tossing them away create something unique.  Here are ten ways to upcycle old toys for your home that will make you feel like a kid again…or help decorate a child’s room.

  1.  Sculpture

A jumble of plastic figures, cars, and various game pieces can be transformed with paint and glue into a unique and fun sculpture.  What a conversation piece this would be!

A silver car statue displayed on a table.
Create art or functional pieces for the home with old toys (brightnest)

If you or your child is somewhat rough on toys, perhaps you have a few extra limbs or doll heads lying around.  Turn those mismatched doll parts into art.

A sculpture of a head with many hands on it created by upcycling old toys.
Sculpture using doll parts (buzzfeed)

2.  Wall Art

Create instant art for your child’s bedroom or playroom with small painted canvases and old toys.  Paint the toys and canvases in fun colors and create a unique and cheerful wall display.

A wall full of upcycled animals and butterflies.
Wall art using old toys (Pinterest)

Model airplanes make a fun wall display.

A wall full of airplanes and a globe transformed through upcycling.
Wall décor using old model airplanes (furnishburnish)

3.  Lampshade

The combination of toy cars and army men come together for a unique lampshade.  Use an old lampshade frame as your base and build from there.

A table lamp made out of upcycled pieces of metal.
Lampshade using old toys (inhabitat)

4.  Bowl

Create bowls made from toy figures for fun party server ware or for keeping fruit in the kitchen.  Kids will love this and may even eat more fruit!

A bowl full of plastic animals on a window sill: Upcycle toys
Bowl made from old toys (homejelly)

5.  Jar Lids

Organize craft supplies with color coordinated lids topped with toy figures.  This is a fun way to store supplies in a playroom or classroom.

The Steampunk Kitchen - Get This Style in YOUR Kitchen!
A set of colorful jars with pens and pencils in them, upcycled.
Colorful jar tops using old toys (blog-etsy)

6.  Organizer

Create organizational pieces with old toys and use them in the kitchen for holding utensils.

10 Ways to Upcycle Old Toys for Your Home with lego utensil holder and utensils.
Utensil holder using old toys (lifebuzz)

7.  Frame

Paint toy figures with gold paint and mount them to a frame to make a special piece to surround your favorite artwork from a child or family photos.

A gold frame adorned with ornaments.
Frame using old toys (Pinterest)

8.  Wall Hooks

Cut plastic animals in half to make a charming rack for hanging household items.

A coat hanger upcycled with a cat and dog toy.
Wall hooks using old toys (recreatedesigncompany)

9.  Planter

Paint toy figures and turn them into planters.

A t-rex statue sits on top of a stack of books, upcycling.
Old toy transformed into a planter (bobvila)

10.  Furniture

What’s more fun than jumping into a pile of stuffed animals?  Go a few steps further by attaching stuffed animals to a chair base for a fun and quirky furniture piece.

Ways to incorporate stuffed animals into your home decor.
Chair created with stuffed toys (kidcrave)

There is no limit to the imaginative creations you can make with old toys.  Whether you are nostalgic, are searching for creative ways to decorate a child’s room, or you simply want to make use of old toys, dig through those toy chests to find tomorrow’s great piece of art or functional household tool.



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