Keys To Organize The Kid’s Room

If you want your kid’s room to be a functional and organized space, the key is to maintain order easily. With proper planning of storage systems, no obstacle will hinder the basic activities of the children, sleep, play and study. Next, discover the best ideas to inspire you.

A kid's room with white furniture and a pink bed.

With A Trundle Bed And Storage Space

Do you want your little one to learn to order her room? It will help if you choose compartmentalized furniture that facilitates that everything has its place. Another success is to install a trundle bed, a good joker when friends begin to stay to sleep. Make sure you have 90 centimeters free next to the bed to move it. The trundle bed with a locker has a chest of drawers as the headboard.

A kid's room with a bunk bed and white furniture.

A Quarter Used To The Millimeter

When space is not abundant, custom planning is almost mandatory. In this room for two, Olga Gimeno has hidden under the beds in “L” drawers with wheels, boxes with rails and wardrobes less than 110 cm. And all without stealing space to play! Chest of drawers and low bed, and high bed and pets, everything, in Bona Nit.

A child's room with a teddy bear in it.

Walls Very Useful

You can take advantage of the height of the walls to plan areas of shelves or lockers. With 30 cm of background, it will suffice for small toys or books. To maintain order, use boxes or baskets and, to protect the walls from rubbing, nothing better than a plinth that you can extend to the shelves. Furniture made to measure by the team of Dijous in DM lacquered in beige.

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A kid's room with bunk beds and a desk.

An Ideal Train Type Bunk For Two

In this project, custom furniture plays with heights. Bunk beds with structure “train” are those that offer a greater storage capacity in proportion to the space they occupy. Its advantage is that its structure is also used with cabinets, drawers or shelves. To plan one, you must have a wall of about 320 cm and a ceiling height of more than 240 cm, to avoid headings with the ceiling. In addition, between both beds, there must be a distance of at least 85 cm, to leave the “sleepers” living space.

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Modified Description: A small kid's bedroom with white cabinets and a bed.

Bedrooms Minis

In just 6 m2, it is possible to create a kid’s bedroom with space to play. What you need to do is to clear the central space as much as possible, bringing the furniture to the walls, as here. When planning the wardrobe, keep in mind that kid’s clothing occupies less space, so with 40 cm of the bottom, you will have enough during the first years. Everything, in Bona Nit.

A kid's room with a desk and toys.

A Space To Study And Play

If you have space at home, it is worth creating a game room for your children. Here, for example, a whole room has been allocated to a playroom, with a large game table with four comfortable puffs with YUTE’S linen that can be hidden underneath it, a panel to have stories at hand and exhibit their small works of art. , a storage cabinet and a practical desk area. Everything, in Dijous, author of the project. The chair is from IKEA.

The Study Corner

Think of the future and choose pieces with adaptability, especially if you opt for custom furniture, which is somewhat more expensive. In this project by Dijous, the table blown takes advantage of the window space and rests on a chest of drawers: at the beginning, it was the changing table for the baby, and now it is used as a studio. Keep in mind that for a table to be comfortable, it should measure about 60 cm, and the shelves should be about 40 cm from it.

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A white and blue kid's room with a bed and a desk.

Everything By Hand

If you design a large front of shelves, place in the lower area drawers that are easy to open or lockers and, in the most inaccessible part, the objects of most residual use. The shelves plan them at 20 cm distance between them so that the books can fit.

Lots of toys, all your clothes, stories, school supplies, pencils, brushes, notepads, cards, papers, stuffed animals … the list is endless! So that the kid’s room does not become a pitched battle, we give you the keys to how to keep everything. And we show you 8 different rooms full of ideas!

The Keys To Organize Your Kid’s Room

Double-use furniture

In the same space as a bed, you can also have a great space to store. The trundle beds with drawers underneath or the raised beds with cabinets at the bottom are perfect solutions for small rooms.

Store high

Do not miss the walls. The attics or “bridge” shelves on the bed give extra space without stealing an inch. Children need space to play!

Boxes and baskets

Nothing is easier than hiding all the stuffed animals inside a basket or keeping things painted in a box. Choose stacking or wheeled boxes to place in any corner. And try to avoid plastic: it has a great cost for our little planet!

Drawers, the more, the better

In a kid’s room, there is never enough storage space. Choose furniture with drawers, and you will not go wrong: bedside tables, dressers, desks, chiffoniers … So you will have a place for everything and orders will be easier.

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And you? What decorative solutions did you put in your kid’s room so that everything was neat? Give ideas to the other readers in the Comments of this article.

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