Using a Chalkboard in your Home

A child's room with a chalkboard.

Looking for a fun, interesting way to spice up your home? Try implementing a chalkboard on one of your walls. There are several different uses for chalkboards, and depending on what you desire, you can make it work for you. And better yet, they can work in almost any room!


One way that you can use a chalkboard is to assist with organization. No matter how big yours may be, there should be some room for you to write things down. This is an easy way to keep track of events, items and just what’s going on that week. Lists are one option for this use. Of those that have chalkboards, many have them placed near the kitchen, allowing for easy access to write down a grocery list. You may also use it to write down chores or even reminders for things to accomplish the upcoming week. To further this, you can use chalk paint to have a permanent calendar on your chalkboard.


Another option for a chalkboard is to show off family information. Chalkboards are a great place for family pictures with silly captions written under them. They are also wonderful for tracking your children’s height. Of course, you can also write down emergency phone numbers of family members and local rescue organizations so that you, your family, and guests can find it easily.


You may also opt to utilize the chalkboard for art. This is for artists and non-artists alike, as you can express yourself however you want. Chalkboards also allow for guests and children to have fun and leave you a small “gift” to see.  If you’d rather something more sleek, then find a quote that you love and write it on the chalkboard.

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