A Lighter Touch – Decorating with Pastels


Photo above – designer Susan Glick

If you are ready for a lighter, brighter home that embodies serenity and calm, consider pastels.  When you think pastels, broaden the scope to the more evolved pastels.  There is more to this color palette than just baby blue and pink.  Pastels are simply less saturated colors that can give a room a very calm and serene atmosphere.

Fawn Galli interiors

Design by Fawn Galli Interiors



Lighter colors open up a room and work with any style from traditional to contemporary.  Pastels can be used in any room and colors can be mixed to make a bolder statement.  Use accents in silver and gold to add punch and ground the space.  Add hints of darker shades with accents and lighting fixtures.  Opt for a strong statement with a bronze or colored glass chandelier.

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Photo on right courtesy of Traditional Home

Enhance the space by creating texture with natural elements such as wood and stone.  Texture will add interest and depth to the room.  Use pattern to add visual interest.  A unique patterned rug will ground the space and patterned pillows or window treatments will liven up the space.


Pastels in the bedroom work exceptionally well since this is the place where you especially want to feel relaxed.  Add touches of glamour with mirrored furniture, fur and a crystal chandelier.  This is the room where you can keep the palette light overall for an even more serene feel.

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pastel-interiors-1          whittaker-living-room-l traditional home

Photo on right courtesy of Traditional Home

There is just something very fresh and calming about pastels.  Lighten up and consider the appeal of pastels in your home.  These soft colors are not just for the nursery.  Pastels offer appeal in every room of the home.



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