10 Quick Changes for a Whole New Interior Look

Decorating ideas for a living room with white furniture and a painting on the wall.

Photo courtesy of Coastal Living

Decorating challenges abound when faced with making a change to your current homes’ interior.  Either you have grown tired of the way a certain room looks or the room is no longer fitting your needs.  The choices are many, making it difficult to decide where to begin or even how to go about making changes.  There are many ways to change the look of a room without breaking your budget and taking on more than you can handle.

A dining room table with chairs around it, showcasing decorating ideas.                          Decorating ideas: A blue dresser with pumpkins and a chair for inspiration.

Consider these choices:

  1. Change pillow covers
  2. Slipcover furniture
  3. Paint furniture
  4. Change lampshades
  5. Install new light fixtures
  6. Rearrange furniture
  7. Change accessories
  8. Paint one wall
  9. Hang new artwork or a mirror
  10. Put down a new throw rug

Decorating ideas: Blue and yellow pillows complement the white decor in a living room.          Photo courtesy of lightinthebox.com

A collection of floor lamps with unique shades for decorating ideas.


       A living room with brown walls and a chandelier that provides decorating ideas.

Left photo courtesy of lampsplus.com

Start with a blank canvas.  Remove all the accessories, including rugs and throw pillows, from the room.  Now think about the purpose of the room.  Is it used daily or is it used only when friends and family come over?  Is it an all-purpose room that is used to relax, watch TV, read and maybe even dine?  Decide what items you really want in the room and what is needed for the most comfort.

A floor plan showcasing decorating ideas for a living room.

Consider the layout of the room and try placing furniture in a whole new arrangement that will better suit the activities you enjoy in the room.  Sketch ideas out on paper and measure furniture.  Compare measurements to decide where else in the room furniture will fit.  The same can be done with artwork for the walls.  Cut out paper the size of each piece and arrange it on the floor to see how it will look.  Keep similarly framed or themed pieces together for uniformity.

Contemporary Wall Treatments Inspired By Textiles

Two women using decorating ideas to put framed pictures on a floor.

Photo courtesy of Southern Living

Study other rooms in the house.  Are there pieces of furniture or accessories that would fit better in another room?  Think about how you can repurpose items to fit your needs in a different room.  Gradually start adding items back into the room.  Before you know it, you will have an entirely new room.




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