Soaker Tub Love – 10 Luxurious Soaker Tubs You’ll Wish For

A bathroom with a soaker tub and a stool.

Soaker tub.  Two words. Indeed, they conjure up images or relaxing in the tub. Certainly, the soaker tub lets you wash away your worries. Come home. Pour a glass of wine. Slip into a tub full of heaven!

Soaker tubs are an ultimate bathroom luxury. Typically, a soaker tub is 27″ deep. When you immerse yourself, the water will come up to your chin. Some soakers are jetted. Some aren’t. Because you work hard, you deserve this luxury!

We have compiled photos of these 10 luxurious tubs for you to enjoy.

A white bathtub with a blue seat in the middle, perfect for relaxing soaks.
Soaking tub with acrylic insert.

Peekaboo! First up is a soaking tub with an acrylic inset. This adds a modern edge.

A large white soaker tub in a yellow bathroom.
Traditional round soaking tub.
A white soaker tub with a towel on it.
Indeed, a round tub is popular!

Fortunately, the Japanese invented the soaking tub concept thousands of years ago. To this day, Japan honors this tradition. In fact, the round tub is the traditional shape in Japanese culture. Therefore, round is a very popular tub shape.

A white soaker tub on a tiled floor.
Tub for Two.

A soaking tub built for two. Looks relaxing to me! Certainly, anyone would love this indulgence.

A white soaker tub with candles in front of it.
Freestanding soaker tubs appear elegant.
A bathroom with a soaker tub and a stool.
Modern soaking tub adds elegance.
A bathroom with a soaker tub and a sink.
This soaking tub looks traditional with an update!

In addition to round, oval is also a popular choice. These oval tubs have a sculptured feeling. Because they are oval, they are ideal for a taller person to stretch out it.

A white soaker tub in a bathroom.
Narrow soaking tub for a smaller bathroom.
A soaker tub in a bathroom.
Wood trim adds a custom feel to this soaking tub. Indeed, this is a fantastic choice in this traditional but updated bathroom.
A bathroom with a soaker tub.
Smaller scale soaking tub. Indeed, we didn’t forget our friends with smaller bathrooms!

In fact, soaker tubs are also available for smaller bathrooms. The smaller scale soaking tubs are still deep. However, they are a bit narrower. Therefore, they take up less space.

In conclusion, we invite you to explore the possibility of a soaking tub in your home. Most certainly, you will enjoy this luxury.

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