Tiling by Style: Which Style for Your Craftsman Bathroom?

This gorgeous classic bathroom design screams luxury and elegance with its choice of materials and finishes

Everyone is inspired by art and craft in a way—which is the theme that reigns in a Craftsman bathroom. And if you think you are immune, then maybe this post will bring out the craftsmanship in you.

Dim warm lighting fixtures definitely set the cozy and relaxing mood in this classic-inspired bathroom

The craftsman-style brings back the old and rustic appeal and uses the elements of architecture wisely to create a purposeful bathing area.

Natural and earthy features dominate a Craftsman’s space—both materials and colors—which can give your bathroom that warm and comfy feel you’re looking for.

Craftsman style bathroom designs that uses period pieces such as wall sconces, bronzed vanity hardware and tile molding

And talking of materials, tiles are a standard in many craftsman-style bathrooms. Apart from Utility, choosing an earthy (tile) shade that blends well with your theme can add a rustic vibe to your craftsman bathroom.

Bright lookind and spacious bathroom

The Fundamentals of Craftsman-style

Craftsmanship, like any other style, has its underlying principles— which you must understand to get the right design.

craftsman bathroom

Here are some of the principles to follow;

  1. Architecture: Low-slung roofing, tapering pillars with a stone base, windows (with multiple panes), uncovered beams, oblong lighting, wall paneling, and recessed storage.
  2. Materials: Tiles are a standard in craftsmanship. Natural timber can also be used alongside granite and stone.
  3. Color Palette: Cozy and Earthy shades like browns and soft greens, and of course, the greys (from stones)

Coloring Your Craftsman 

This time, we will focus on tiling and the many ways you can use tiles to build a purposeful bathing space and complete the craftsman’s color palette.

Tiling by Style: Which Style for Your Craftsman Bathroom

A modern bathroom with a gorgeous view of the ocean through its frame-less picture windows

You can do craftsman tiling in many styles. But one theme that comes out clear is the aspect of art and craft.

From earth-inspired tiling to the use of handcrafted tiles, and more, here are the different ways to tile a craftsman’s bathing space.

craftsman bathroom wth white flooring

1. Nature-inspired Tiling

Attractive tiling is one aspect of craftsmanship that never fades away. You can use embellished tiles on walls and floors (or both). And while you may not run into the old-style Craftsman tile you’re after, the market is overflowing with lots of organic-inspired themes.

The Rustic Bathroom

If you like, you can stain your glasses with different shades to further inspire your tiling. Shading glasses to harmonize existing tiles creates continuity in design and flaunts the power of art and craftsmanship.

decorate with gold

2. Hand-crafted or painted tiles

penny tiles bathroom

If you want something more art & craft or handmade, then hand-painted tiles are your thing. With these, you can get as creative as your craftsman’s spirit allows.

Try not to get lost in your range of options; take your time to figure out how well it will blend. Remember, rushed handcrafted tiles can be a design mistake.

master bathroom with an elegant neo-classic feel, combining finishes and materials typical of classic designs

3. Color-blocking 

Coloring your craftsman’s bathroom in two blocks of shades is another beautiful idea.

Green bathrrom wall

One way to go about it is to take advantage of the palettes in craftsman-style. How about soft green tiles on the lower part of your shower wall, and then stone greys toward the ceiling?

Still, you can choose to leave some untiled area at the top part to achieve a unique design and reduce spending on tiles.

The Industrialist bathroom

Blocking colors in this manner not only allows you to explore coloring in craftsman-style but further echoes the element of art & craft.

soaking tub

4. Mosaics  

Sinking further into the spirit of art & craft, you can go mosaic if you wish. A glittery finishing can make your craftsman bathroom look more artistic. These can blend well with your sparkly bathtub, toilet, and sink.

craftsman bathroom with white tiling

And when going for mosaic tiles, remember to continue with our color palette so that you stick to the theme in craftsman-style.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with soft hues of brown and green.

Classic bathroom with rich colour texture

5. Block Random Tiling

Beautiful dark wood vanities

Well, you may not be familiar with these. But as the name suggests, block random tiling involves the use of random-size (rectangular or square) tiles on a wall to create an attractive backdrop.

Block random tiles are not a common idea, but the result is a warm, artistic, and inspiring bathing space you will enjoy every time you walk in.

Warm colors and warm-toned lighting give this bathroom a very cozy feel.

Nothing can stop you!

Small tiles create a unique look for the bathroom

When art and craft is the theme, you can be as artistic as you wish. Still, you want to follow these craftsman bathroom tiling principles carefully to get the right design.


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