How to Create an Amazing Bathroom That’s also Functional

A black and white bathroom with a toilet and sink.

You have several rooms in your house, but one that ought to be at the top of your priority list is the bathroom. Your bathroom is an essential functional component of your home. Unfortunately, they are frequently ignored and overlooked.


Dark bathroom interior. (Image by amazingarchitecture)


However, all you need is one problem in your bathroom to remind you how important a functional role your bathroom performs in your home.

Why is bathroom design important?

Lavish bathroom interior. (Image by makemyhouse)


The kitchen is the most favored space in every home, and the bathroom is the most vital room. The aesthetics of a bathroom can play a significant role in establishing the tone for the rest of your home. A bathroom can be challenging to design and organize. Typically, you deal with a smaller, more intimate space than the other rooms in the house, but one that serves multiple functions.


Accenting the bathroom design with candles, artwork, and matching towels may undoubtedly be the icing on the cake for the style and feel you want to create with this all-important room in the house. It has been said that many people get their best possible ideas while showering. It’s that sacred zone where you may practice for that major presentation you’re giving later that day or even for your job interview.


How to Add Storage Space in Your Bathroom?


Increase medicine cabinet storage.

Bathroom sink and storage cabinet. (Image by JamesDeMers)


With this behind-the-door hack, you can improve the storage capacity of your bathroom wall cabinet. Attach a magnetic memo board to the door inside to make it a storage hub for small grooming devices and beauty products. To hold items, use slim magnetic containers and hooks, or attach magnets to the back sides of personal care products to attach them right on the door. Make sure that everything is arranged so that the door can still close completely.

A New Age of Bathrooms


Adhesive Hooks are useful for tools.

Utilize the space behind the doors of vanity cabinets. Attach adhesive hooks inside the door to keep hair tools organized and out of way, such as your hair dryer and brushes. Install a wire rack below to keep hair products in a convenient location.


Recessed shelves or wall niches.

Because most Indian bathrooms are small, storage in an open or covered wall niche works best. It neatly tucks all items inside the wall, eliminating the need for storage units that protrude or interfere with the bathroom space. In addition, unlike a vanity, wall niches can be used to store and display essentials.


Mirror with built-in or concealed space to store.

Mirror cabinet with extra storage. (Image by Homedit)


There are relatively new solutions on the market that incorporate mirrors and storage in novel ways. This solution keeps clutter out of the scene in small bathrooms and is ideal for storing medications and everyday essentials.


Units with seamless mirrors look elegant and contribute to a clean and minimal aesthetic, giving your bathroom a more spacious feel.


Bathroom Design Ideas


Consider the investment you want to make before diving into bathroom decor. Make a list of your must-have products and any alterations to the present size and layout of the space that will consume a significant amount of your total budget.


Here is a list of bathroom ideas to help you build your dream bathroom.


Add texture for interest and warmth.

Textured walls in a modern designed bathroom. (Image by


Bathroom vanity ideas provide an opportunity to add significant texture to a room frequently dominated by harsh, cold, polished surfaces. The wood provides character and warmth, while the old rug provides the primary source of color, demonstrating how subtle a bathroom decor plan can be.

Reflect Your Style: How to Decorate a Bathroom Mirror


Make a spa escape.

Bathroom makeover to a home spa. (Image by


Bathroom designs as sanctuaries have been popular in the wellness trend, providing the ultimate hedonistic relaxation. Spa bathrooms provide a place to escape, where the goal is to rest and unwind in a pleasant setting. Choose an ornate tub with such a chandelier above to provide a focal point for distinctive spa elegance.


To create a curated look, introduce bathroom art.

Bathroom with amazing artwork. (Image by


Artwork on the walls is one aspect of bathroom design frequently overlooked. Artwork is always a final touch in any other space of our houses that we add to offer color, personality, and a unique feel. Including art in the bathroom is usually an excellent idea.


Wallpaper can be used to add decorative touches.

When we think of decorating our bathrooms, we usually think of paint and tiles, and bathroom wallpaper ideas are often overlooked as an option. Metallic elements in the bathroom are trendy right now, and bronze lends a genuine sense of richness. A freestanding bath in a bright metallic finish completely transforms the room’s ambiance.


Dark themed bathroom. (Image by


To conclude, when people are looking to buy a home, the number of bathrooms and overall bathroom design are essential factors to consider. As a result, your bathroom plays a vital role in determining the overall value of your home. Well-designed, aesthetically pleasing, and thoroughly efficient bathrooms are highly desirable and, therefore, will help increase the value of your home.

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