How To Divide A Shared Kids’ Room

A room with two beds and a desk.

Have you wondered how to divide a shared kids’ room in a manner that suits them? No need to worry anymore.

Creating shared bedroom ideas and dividing a shared kids’ room might be difficult in a case where you have twins or two children of varying ages who like sharing, or you may be space-constrained.

It’s a delicate art to divide a shared bedroom so that each kid has their place.

How To Divide A Shared Kids’ Room

We’ve gathered bedroom ideas, decorating recommendations, and guidance for boys and girls of various ages and stages.

1. Gendered Shared Bedroom Design

Consider a neutral scheme for an all-over motif that isn’t too controversial. There will be no squabbling or envy if one half of the bedroom appears better than the other.

And this concept isn’t as novel as it seems. These gender-neutral nursery themes are trending among celebrities and influencers.

2. Accessorize Different Tastes

Let’s face it; a boring shared bedroom isn’t going to work in a society where kids are encouraged to express themselves.

Instead, divide the room 50:50 and let your kids do their interior design. Let them choose duvet coverings, pillows, and other soft furnishings. This is a terrific technique to identify each sibling’s place.

kids room

3. Enjoy The Consultation Process

Allowing your child’s creativity to go wild can result in a gaudy final effect. But with a bit of parental supervision, the result will be a win-win situation.

Finding out your kids’ interests and hobbies is an excellent way to connect.

4. Create A 3-In-1 Bedroom To Make Way For A Newborn

Expecting a baby may be a joyous life event for your family. However, this might be a problem if you already have a young son or girl with a big brother or sister.

Fun Kids Room Decorating Ideas: Start with These Design Tips

While moving into a larger house can seem sensible, housing costs increase. Moving to a property with more rooms may not be financially possible.

You can build a unified solution by dividing your present master bedroom notion into pieces.

Create a nice changing space and emphasize fun in the room’s middle. Enclose the older child’s room, so they feel valued and have a private area to sleep when the baby awakens in the night.

5. Show Sibling Love Through Chic Wall Art

Those adages are true; however, if your kids are pals, show off their pally bond with contemporary wall prints.

Keep shopping around on Etsy and eBay to support local artists and businesses. You may be sure that you will do the task with affection if you give your money to the tiny people. Also, since these marketplace merchants must stand out, they are more likely to provide individualized service.

This boy’s room design has a nice message and custom name art. Of course, as kids get older, you may expand this into a gallery wall.

6. Partition Straight Down The Middle

Have you considered leaving after hearing another adolescent tantrum? Want to stop mediating invasions and encroachments?

Wall panel room dividers provide a tidy partition without costly bedroom remodeling or restoration.

These easy-to-install options enable you to design a unique play area for your kids. The robust, tight, and safe barriers with push-fit connectors eliminate the need to install a permanent wall.

7. Use Voile Curtains To Create A Light And Airy Division

You may create a bright and airy transparent divide between your children with inexpensive curtain solutions. Voile isn’t only for bedroom window ideas, so try it out.

Organizing Your Kid's Playroom

To accomplish so, use brackets and track rails to build a room divider that can traverse corners. IKEA’s VIDGA curtain rail system offers greater versatility and less cost with no noticeable screws.

When installing these curtains in a shared boho bedroom concept, ensure they do not strangle anybody.

8. For A Retro Vibe, Use A Beaded Curtain Design

As parents, we often notice that home design ideas from our youth are making a comeback. The current designs, including everything from macrame wall hangings to tie-dye prints, bean bag chairs, and unique wall d├ęcor ideas, are a throwback to the past.

This beaded curtain pattern from Urban Outfitters, which oozes 70’s charm and natural texture, is high on the want list, let alone the kids’ wish list. Consider using it as a semi-transparent room divider or to give interest to a walk-in closet design concept.

Bottom Line

After reading how to divide a shared kids’ room, you can be confident that you will be able to put them into practice and achieve the best design for your children’s room. Conceiving design concepts for shared sleeping quarters: Having fun can be broken down into two distinct areas: the room’s decor and play features.

Decorating can begin with fun wallpaper prints, murals, and make-your-own-wall-art options such as chalk drawings on blackboard paint or other non-traditional methods of decorating. Choosing soothing colors like blues, greens, and pastels will help create a fun space that feels like a place where they can relax, which is essential.

When it comes to kids’ play areas, it’s all about making the most of the space available so that they can have as much fun as possible. Children who enjoy building train tracks will find helpful floor space, while more oversized tabletops are ideal for creatives or rooms with little storage elsewhere.

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