Top 5 gadgets for a smart home

A variety of smart home devices are laid out on a table.

Modern people’s lives are full of activities that require a lot of time. In this regard, home convenience has become essential, and an intelligent home is a perfect solution to simplify everyday life. 

Although standard devices like dishwashers, washing, and drying machines have already saved tons of human resources worldwide, more innovative solutions nowadays allow owners to sit on the couch when they perform your homework. 

Below listed the top 5, from which you definitely need to try life in a smart home.

1. Smart Speaker

On purpose, the Smart Speaker stays in the first place as it is not only a smart device but can control other smart devices and becomes the heart of your smart home. A smart speaker looks like any other speaker and is produced by many manufacturers. They can be of different sizes and colors, with different sound quality; some have a display. 

The main functions that most smart speakers can perform:

  • A voice-activated virtual assistant performing different tasks depends on the availability of other smart devices in your home. They will turn on smart plugs, lock smart locks, turn on the light, turn on the thermostat/ TV/ coffee machine, etc.). The speaker remembers the owner’s voice, his vocabulary, and accent. 
  • Play music upon your voice command. You can integrate the smart speaker into your home sound system. The music can be played from internal storage or online sources.
  • Inform about weather conditions or traffic jams. The smart speaker has access to a wi-fi network and depends on the Manufacturer to Google or any other Browser. A smart speaker can respond even to more tricky questions using the Internet. 
  • Be an alarm in the morning. Your speaker can wake you at the set time with classical music.
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2. Smart Plug

A smart home device is connected to a wall outlet.

A smart plug is a very comfortable way to remotely control home power connections from your smartphone or use your voice with a smart speaker. The iPhone also has an opportunity to control smart plugs via Apple’s HomeKit protocol. There are two possible ways for installation: smart plugs can be initially installed in your house as ordinary plugs, or you can plug them into existing ones you want to automate. In addition, you can choose which electrical appliances will be connected to the wi-fi network via a smart plug. 

You can set a particular program for turning on your coffee machine every morning via a smart plug, check if you turn off your iron sitting at work, or if you do not like to enter a dark flat, you can turn on the lamps in advance. Smart plugs are the most affordable “smart” products on the market; you can start with them to check if you like this type of clever thing.

3. Robot Vacuum

A smart robotic vacuum cleaner on the floor of a house.

The most incredible cleaning device that appeared recently on the market is the robot vacuum or robotic vacuum cleaner. This small round-shape device is perfect for automatic everyday cleaning of all floor surfaces: carpet, tiles, wood, or others. For sure, they do not replace regular vacuum cleaning as they can not fully clean corners or make deep cleaning of your couch or curtains. 

Still, visible dust and garbage, especially pet hair, will be collected inside a particular container. They can go below cupboards and beds (depending on their height), which is very difficult to achieve anyway.

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A robot vacuum has a powerful accumulator enough to work from 60 min to several hours (depending on the model) that gets power from a docking station. When the power is low, a robotic cleaner goes automatically to the docking station for recharging. It also has turning brushes and a plastic container for collecting garbage that should be cleaned after each cleaning cycle. 

The control can be executed from the smartphone app or remote control. You can set on the app a regular cleaning cycle. A robot vacuum has sensors that help move around the home, escaping stairs. Unfortunately, they cannot climb the stairs, so all floors cannot be cleaned automatically in one cycle. But you can set virtual bonders for a robot to limit the location required for cleaning. 

To choose a robot vacuum you need:

  • Understand the average amount of work; if it will be one floor or several, this impacts on the mapping ability of the cleaner.
  • How long the cycle lasts impacts the possible runtime and size of the dustbin.
  • Estimate the amount of dust to choose the suction power (with more power, a robot vacuum collects more dust).
  • Estimate your budget if you buy this robot in addition to a regular vacuum cleaner or as a replacement. If you want to perform only small cleaning, you can choose a less expensive model. Some expensive models can perform wet cleaning.

4. Smart Lock

A smart thermostat is mounted on a wall in a smart home.

If you want to get rid of metal keys that are always lost somewhere, a smart lock is a good solution. Moreover, they provide additional security as they can be controlled from far away, the pin code for the entrance is changed from time to time, and to open it, you need a unique application on your smartphone. 

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Professionals should install smart locks; they require connection to the Bluetooth or wi-fi and batteries. If you connect the lock with your smart speaker, the door will automatically close after your voice command. You will never worry if you close the door or not; you simply can check the application.

5. Smart thermostats

A smart thermostat is a combination of a cooling and heating system that allows you to maintain the temperature throughout the year with your comfort values. Using an internal sensor, the thermostat checks the home temperature, compares it with the set value, and turns it on or off. A smart thermostat saves a lot of energy and can work per schedule. 

The control can be executed via a smartphone application and is easy to use. 


1/3 of US consumers have at least one smart product at home now, and this number is only increasing. Do not wait to bring smart items and make all your home applications work from the voice command. 

Your home will be shining with a robot vacuum, with a comfortable temperature from a smart thermostat, and with automatic lighting. You will save a significant amount of time having fun with your family.

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