Ten Impressive Ideas For Personalised Gifts

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Ever wonder what turns a good gift into a great one? The secret is all in the personalised details. The more personalised and uniquely matched you can make the gift, the better the gift gets. Personalised and unique gifts are cherished and valued more than the actual worth of the products.

It takes some creativity and a little bit of thought to create great personalised gifts.

Here are ten impressive ideas for unique and thoughtful gifts that are bound to wow your loved ones and forever cement your place as the best gift giver amongst your friends and family.

But First, Why Personalise?

You can, in part, thank all the social media platforms, streaming services, and eCommerce giants for this personalisation trend. No matter how big these providers are, they offer users an experience rich in personalised content. From what they may like to buy to what they may like to watch, personalisation is the name of the game when it comes to consumerism.

This is precisely why personalising gifts is such a major trend in our culture now.

1. Custom Mugs with Cookies

Let’s start off with something from a modest budget. This idea is perfect for a loved one or a friend of any age too.

As you may have heard, some of the world’s largest cafe chains have reduced seating and lounging capacities since the pandemic, and they are not returning. So, coffee lovers will have to spend a little bit more time at home while working from home or lounging with a cup of coffee.

This is where customised mugs become great personalised gifts. You can customise the mug with a photo of your friend printed on it and a saying or a quote they are known to use a lot. You can also pick from phrases like “world’s best coffee addict” or funny, sarcastic lines like “with friends like you,” etc.

And you can fill that mug with a batch of cookies you lovingly made for your friend. You can also create a customised cookie recipe with some of their favourite ingredients.

On a side note, if you are starting to feel a bit overwhelmed with the idea of shopping for gifts and personalising them, don’t fret. There are multiple posts available online to help you choose gifts and buy them quickly. Check them out for some tips on quickly shopping for gifts.

2. Engraved Tech Accessories

Personal and wearable tech is all the rage these days. Wearable tech is having its moment, from the fanciest smartphones, noise-canceling headphones, ear pods, smartwatches, and even high-tech athletic gear. Imagine how cool it would be to get some customised accessories with all that wearable tech.

Wearable gadgets and personal devices make for a great opportunity for personalised gifts. From phone cases with names and contact info to earbuds with initials, you can really get anything engraved to help accessorise their latest tech toy.

The accessories are themselves great personalised gifts. The teens in your family will love these accessories, especially if their parents are getting them the new gadgets for Christmas. So, don’t forget to coordinate with the parents to see what accessories you could get for their latest smartphone.

3. Champagne Flutes with Love

This is a great option for anniversary gifts. Customising a pair of crystal champagne flutes reserved for toasting special occasions adds an extra flair of romanticism to the mix.

You can pick a love note or your marriage date to be put on the side or at the bottom of the champagne flutes. You can save them for toasting your anniversary every year.

These champagne flutes also make great personalised wedding gifts for both guests and the bride and the groom. Several companies and vendors offer this customisation option at purchase from their e-commerce sites. So, ordering a pair of these flutes should be very easy from anywhere in Australia.

4. A Memory Book

This is a great gift idea for Mother’s Day (or Father’s Day) and your grown kids, if you have any. Consider making a memory book with collages of photos and letters, and other family memorabilia and have it published by a local publisher. You can include notes of when the photos were taken and how old were the kids, etc.

This memory book can be lovingly placed on the living room coffee table for guests or your parents to look through at leisure.

This memory book can be a great addition to a tabletop vignette.

5. Personalised Jewellery

This is a classic gift for your romantic interest, spouse, or lover. A necklace with a love note or a heart symbol with your and their initials on them would be a great gift for anyone who adores necklaces.

If your lover is not into necklaces, think of “I Heart U” engraved on a gold bracelet studded with their favourite gemstones or precious stones.

Apart from bracelets and necklaces, you can personalise just about any type of jewellery like earrings and watches.

These gifts are perfect for anniversary gifts or Valentine’s Day gifts to woo your lover.

6.  Personalised Bags, Totes, and Backpacks

This is a great gift for the kids, tweens, and teens on your list. You can get them to design their own monogram or label to be added to their backpacks. You can do this as a DIY project with your kids or even order a backpack with the kids’ names on the bag.

Besides backpacks, you can also personalise tote bags and handbags for adults with a personalised emblem or monogram on the bag.

These bags are perfect for university students and young adults as well. They make for great birthday gifts and university send-off gifts.

7.  Personalised Homeware and Decor

This is a great gift for anyone at any age; however, this particularly goes well with your homebodies and nesters who have a knack for interior design and loves to decorate their homes.

This gift can also be a great DIY experience that will build bonds and memories forever. Think of creating something for the home or the garden. You can build a garden bed, a shelving unit, or even furniture if you so wish and have that customised to include the person’s name and a sweet message of love and gratitude.

If you are doing this for kids, you can consider a personalised theme that the kids love, and design their rooms accordingly. This project can include several gifts (including some of the ideas we mentioned above). All you will need is a bit of foreplanning.

You can order personalised homewares like placemats, dishes, silverware, coffee sets, barware, serving bowls, and margarita glasses and have the couple’s initials on them.

8.  ArtWork & Photography

Wall decor and artwork as gifts are another fantastic way to personalise a gift. If your loved one is a big fan of a local artist, you could get some of their artwork and have it signed by the author with a message.

You could also sponsor a commissioned painting that they have been eyeing for a while and have it done especially for them.

Enlarged photo collages are another great way to personalise a gift for your lover or spouse as well.

For selfie lovers and influencers, you can also consider a customised portrait of their favourite selfie that has been most liked and shared. This may sound a little vain, but in the world of social media, this gift makes perfect sense.

9. Personalised Fragrance Bottles

This is another fantastic gift idea – especially for the ladies in your life. Consider engraving their initials and personalised messages on the bottle of their favourite fragrances.

If you want to go extra fancy, you can also opt to gift the experience of creating their own customised scent. Several companies can help with this; however, this is also another great DIY gift.

10. Personalised loungewear and robes

This is for the lovers of fashion. If you want to gift clothes, pyjamas, or robes to your loved ones, consider personalising them with their monograms or initials. This is something you can easily order online with any company that specialises in personalising merchandise and ready-made garments.

A plush hotel quality robe that has been personalised with their names, monograms, or initials will give them that five-star hotel vibe when they step out of the shower or lounge around the bedroom. Who doesn’t deserve a little luxury in their lives?


Personalisation is a huge trend in consumer behaviour in advanced economies. After all, anyone can order a product online, but to have it personalised to the individual takes it to another level.

A little bit of thought and creativity can render pure magic regarding personalised gifts. We hope these gift ideas inspire you to personalise the gifts for the people on your list this gift-giving season.

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