The Art of Arranging Tabletop Vignettes

A coffee table with books and flowers on it, showcasing The Art of Arranging Tabletop Vignettes.

When it comes to arranging tabletops around the house, there are a few easy tricks to make your displays look stylish and well thought out.  There is an art to making each arrangement look natural and not overly contrived with meaningless objects.  The art of arranging tabletop vignettes that are unique is in the details and variety of items assembled.  Here are ways to get your tabletop vignettes to an art form.

A table with books, flowers and a lamp showcasing the art of arranging tabletop vignettes.
A charming tabletop display with light feature (Pinterest)

Whether you have many items or just a few, arranging them on a tabletop may take some trial and error at first until you achieve the look that works.

The Art of Arranging Tabletop Vignettes in a black and white kitchen.
Unique vase and candlesticks for a tabletop display (home-designing)

Varying heights of objects is important to achieve a well-balanced display.  Tall candlesticks beside bottles and smaller objects create interest.  Using several like objects gives the vignette balance.  Gradual heights work best.  For example, mix tall candlesticks with smaller ones about 2/3 the height of the tallest.  Then mix in pieces that are lower in gradual heights.

A round table with a tasteful arrangement of candles and flowers, showcasing the art of tabletop vignettes.
Varying heights on a table display (swedishdekor)
A table with a vase of oranges and a book on it, showcasing The Art of Arranging Tabletop Vignettes.
Varying heights for a tabletop vignette (Pinterest)

Books are a great addition to any tabletop vignette.  Not only do they offer a glimpse into your interests, they work as pedestals for other items.  They work well to balance out trays.  Vintage books create a beautiful aesthetic and using colorful book covers gives the tabletop arrangement a pop.

A living room with a yellow striped rug and a coffee table showcasing the art of arranging tabletop vignettes.
Books create varying heights in table vignette (thebudgetdecorator)
A tabletop vignette featuring a vase of flowers on a dresser.
Books provide height for table vignette (thecoffeeshopblog.BlogSpot)

Trays are a great way to group smaller items on a tabletop.  Trays can be very decorative or simple and chic to blend into the vignette.  Arrange trays amid books and other items to create a balanced coffee table display.  Trays can also take the place of coasters to protect your tabletop.

An artful living room with vibrant orange and blue pillows adorning a stylish coffee table.
Tray and bowl enhance table display (cozylittlehouse)

Creating vignettes in multiple levels adds depth and interest.  A two-tiered coffee table can function as a place for storage on the bottom level, while a creative display adorns the top.  Choose pretty containers or baskets to store books, magazines and remotes on the second tier of the coffee table.

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A black and white living room showcasing a coffee table.
Accessorizing a coffee table (thehousethata-mbuilt)

A multi-level display using shelves and a cabinet is a great way to display collections or to add interest to a space.

A living room with shelves and a chair showcasing The Art of Arranging Tabletop Vignettes.
Varying levels of display creates impact (countryside-studio)

Asymmetrical tabletop design is a fresh approach to tabletop vignettes.  Balance several smaller pieces against one large piece on either end of a tabletop for a modern appeal.

A room with a desk, chair and a mirror - Arranging Tabletop Vignettes.
Asymmetrical arrangement (Houzz)
A blue and green sideboard showcasing The Art of Arranging Tabletop Vignettes in a living room.
Asymmetrical tabletop display (apartmenttherapy)

Symmetrical tabletop display is easily achieved by simply placing a mirror image of items at each end of a display.  This is a traditional example of the tabletop vignette and is very appealing for its orderly style.

Tabletop Vignette with Chinese lanterns in a living room.
Various objects form a balanced tabletop display (cococozy)
A console table showcasing tabletop vignettes with vases and a mirror.
Symmetry enhances this tabletop vignette (marcusdesigninc)

Include natural elements, such as flowers, plants and other natural curiosities to include variety, texture and depth to your tabletop displays.  A simple vase of flowers adds a burst of color and softness to a vignette.

A glass coffee table adorned with books and flowers.
Flowers bring color and softness to table display (brightboldbeautiful)
A living room with a coffee table adorned by flowers, exemplifying The Art of Arranging Tabletop Vignettes.
Vase of flowers brings variety to this tabletop vignette (tidbitsandtwine)

A small potted plant or a terrarium makes for an interesting natural element on a tabletop and mixes well with more organically-inspired furniture and interiors.

A living room featuring a coffee table adorned with candles.
Small plant terrariums make a natural tabletop display (designsopretty)
A tabletop with books and candles arranged in an artistic manner.
Natural elements enhance this tabletop vignette (maureenstevens)

Mosses and sea shells are a great filler for many different vignettes as they blend with modern, rustic and traditional designs.

A coffee table with books and a horse statue, demonstrating great tabletop vignettes.
Moss orbs enhance this tabletop vignette (cozylittlehouse)
A living room with white furniture.
Coral and small plants give this table vignette a touch of nature (tidbitsandtwine)

Small items should be grouped together for bigger impact.  Collections should be arranged in groupings versus being randomly scattered throughout the room on various tabletops.  Again, by varying heights, you can achieve the most impact and visual appeal.

A tray displaying an assortment of tin cans, exemplifying The Art of Arranging Tabletop Vignettes.
Group small objects together on a tray when arranging tabletop (Pinterest)
Blue and white vases beautifully arranged on a table, showcasing the art of tabletop vignettes.
Group a collection together for impact on a tabletop (
A glass coffee table with a book and candles, demonstrating the art of arranging tabletop vignettes.
A unique collection of objects creates an interesting tabletop vignette (hisugarplumsblog)

Rotate your accessories periodically to change things up.  Store some accessories, as everything you own doesn’t have to be displayed all the time.  Experiment with your vignettes and edit the display when necessary.  Use books and natural elements to balance out the other items.  Above all, create a vignette that is appealing to you while employing these helpful tricks.


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