Take Your Home Back to the Swinging Sixties

A retro room with a wooden floor.

Sixties interior design began as an evolution of the modern and mid-century trend. Bolder and more daring than the decade before it, sixties home décor is fun, frivolous, and adds personality to any home.

One of the most striking features of sixties home décor is bold and geometric prints. Used in wallpaper to make a huge impact, but also in soft furnishings, think of Orla Kiely-style prints in pastels, neons, brights, and even muted tones.

Two retro chairs in front of a vibrant blue wallpaper.
Mix muted tones with brights for a completely varied and quirky palette (myfriendshouse.co.uk)
A room with vibrant pink and blue wallpaper reminiscent of the Swinging Sixties.
Let the prints dictate the theme of the entire room, but stick to bold furniture that won’t be overpowered (heathernetteking.blogspot.com)

Sixties-style décor is also a showcase of fun, unusual, and quirky furniture. From larger pieces like sofas and bookcases to smaller decorative items like lamps, expect a combination of wood and metal, in a variation of smooth curved and straight lines to create unusual shapes.

A living room with a pink couch and a retro rug.
Mix straight lines and curves with minimal style and busy prints for a complete sixties throwback (joytv.gr)
A dining room with white chairs and a retro chalkboard wall.
Subtle additions of prints and iconic sixties pieces can enhance a plain and subdued room (angelinthenorth.com)

Laminate panels popular in warm, wooden tones to make the room feel more homely and welcoming, but laminate is a modern and inexpensive equivalent to real wood panelling.

A retro room with a wooden floor.
Matching wood panels and furniture across the room is the epitome of a stylish sixties home (woonblog.typepad.com)
A bathroom with a large mirror.
Even white accents can stand out against a darker and warm background (studded-hearts.com)
An orange door adding retro flair to a hallway.
Go for colours and striking artwork, don’t be afraid of combining the two (homestlywtf.com)
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