20 Original and out of the ordinary bookcases

A map of the United States crafted from bookcases.

If you have always thought that a bookcase is an anonymous set of shelfs, looking these amazing pics you will definitely change your mind! Here you are 20 brilliant ideas for decorating every different room of your home with these incredible bookcases.

1. The “United States Bookshelf”

Created by the  artist Ron Arad, for his exhibition at the Timothy Taylor Gallery, this bookcase is a real and unique piece of art. (picture above)

2. The “Invisible bookcase”

If you don’t like the traditional wooden bookcases and you are looking for an original way to storage your books, you will love this “invisible bookcase”, known also as “Conceal Book Shelf”.  Created by the designer Miron Lior, this bookcase won design awards for its innovative, simple and minimalist design

A table with books and bookcases.
“Conceal Book Shelf” Created by the designer Miron Lior
A series of bookcases with books on shelves.
“Conceal Book Shelf” created by the designer Miron Lior

3. The Corner Pipe bookcase

Particularly suitable for a modern and industrial open space, this bookshelf was designed by the artist KKatz

A bookshelf made out of pipes on a brick wall.
“Corner Pipe bookcase” designed by KKatz
A wall-mounted book holder made of pipes.
The minimalistic “Corner Pipe bookcase” designed by KKatz

4. The “Kartell Bookshelves”

Produced by the famous designer company Kartell, this wavy  bookcase can assume any desired shape. Its flexibility make this bookcase perfect for any wall and any style.

A red metal spiral bookshelf.
Bookshelves by Kartell

5. The “Check Bookshelf

This bookcase was designed  by Jongho Park. The artist wanted to  show and underline the importance of the book (symbol and medium through which we can reach the knowledge) using the V–shape, that is usually used in checking something important for us that we have successfully done

Three bookcases with a check mark on them.
Check Bookshelves designed by Jongho Park

6. The “Bookworm Bookcase”.

Created by the Dutch designers Atelier 010, this incredible bookcase is a creative and stunning mix and union between a chair and a bookshelf. The “bookworm” offers the unique possibility to have an awesome and stylish furniture where you can sit, read, relax and store your books

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A man sitting in a chair surrounded by bookcases while reading a book.
Bookworm Bookcase created by the Dutch designers Atelier 010

7. The “Geometric and Cubic Bookcases

Produced and sold by many different design companies, the bookcases with geometric and cubic shapes are perfect for minimalistic and modern spaces. Another advantage of these furnitures is that they are modular, so they can be  extended on the basis of the different needs and the different size of the wall and of the room

A white shelf.
Amazing cubic bookcase
A black chair near a bookshelf.
creative bookshelves with cubic shape
A colorful wall of bookcases in a white room.
colorful cubic bookcase
A bookcase with books on it.
original geometric bookcase

8. The “workstation bookcase”.

Created by MisoSoupDesign, this bookcase allows you to have an unique, efficent, clever and functional work space where you can work on pc, read and store your books, just in one single furniture

A computer desk with bookcases and a red chair.
“workstation bookcase” Created by MisoSoupDesign

9. The “Tree bookcases

Bookcases with the shape of trees are very funny and, basing on the original idea, they mean and symbolize the ancient knowledge tree

A living room with several bookshelves and a lamp, featuring bookcases.
bookcases shaped like trees
A wall decorated with a pipe tree.
creative bookcase
Two custom bookcases made out of tree branches.
stunning bookshelves

10. The “Bookseat

As the “Bookworm”, also the bookseat is a creative union between an armchair and a bookcase. Presented at the Toronto International Design Show 2008 the bookseat has been awarded for best Design at Montreal’s International Design Show.

A chair with books on it and a small bookcase nearby.
creative bookseat

11. The “Sunflower Bookchair

Created and designed by the eclectic artists He Mu and Zhang Qian, the  Sunflower Chair is a sunflower-shaped armchair integrated with a bookshelf.

A chair made of books.
The Sunflower Bookchair designed By He Mu and Zhang Qian

12. The “READ” bookcase.

Created by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti, this modern, stylish and  funny bookshelf not only allows you to storage your books, but also remind you the importance of reading.

The word read is spelled out on a bookcase.
READ” bookcase. Created by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti

13. The “Super Mario Bookshelves”

If you were or you still are a huge fan of the famous Super Mario, you can’t miss this funny and out of ordinary bookcase

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A room with a Nintendo Bros bookshelf.
Super Mario Bookshelves

 14. The “Pulseline Bookcase

Created by the designer Mans Salomonsen who took inspiration from the shape of a heartbeat, this amazing bookshelf is painted with a florescent paint that lights up in the dark

An image of an ecg line on a dark background.
Pulseline Bookshelf
A black bookcase with books on it.
stunning Pulseline Bookshelf

15. The “Infinity Bookshelf

Created by the famous designer Job Koelewijn, this bookcase symbolizes the power of knowledge and the unlimited numbers of books that you can read

A man is standing in front of a large bookcase.
the Infinity bookcase created by Job Koelewijn

16. The “Teacup Bookcase”

Created by the talent Designer Scoot Blackwell, this funny bookshelf can be a really original and stunning way to decorate your home

A colorful bookcase.
Teacup Bookcase created by the designer Scoot Blackwell

17. The “Dream Bookshelf

Created by the designer Dripta Roy’s, this amazing bookcase shaped like a cloud is a real piece of art that will decorate in a unique way your home

A white couch and bookcases in a living room.
“Dream Bookshelf” created by the designer Dripta Roy’s

18. The “Wha Cabinet”

Created by the designer Tembolat Gugkaev, this curvy bookcase has an amazing and extremely clean and modern shape that combines together a bookshelf with an arc lamp

A colorful bookshelf in a room with a couch and bookcases.
Wha Cabinet designed by Tembolat Gugkaev in the dark
A black bookcase in a room.
the creative and original Wha Cabinet designed by Tembolat Gugkaev

19. The “Bat Bookcase”

If your hero is Batman, you will love this bookcase that will give an unique look and a touch of style to your home

A bookcase shaped like Batman, filled with books.
creative bookcase shaped like a bat

20. The “Cows Bookcases

If you desire something really colorful, creative and original, you will fall in love for these bookcases, shaped like cows

Three cows standing next to each other near bookcases.
amazing bookcase shaped like cows
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