Tree Trunk Decor- Add a Touch of Raw Beauty

A group of stainless steel stools on a wooden deck, surrounded by tree trunks.

Bring home the element of surprise, tree trunks. These unexpected decorating elements will bring the charm and raw beauty of nature into your household. Many are the times when nature provides the best design inspiration. Take it from Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the most influential names in architecture, “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you”.

There are many design opportunities hidden in a simple tree trunk. Get your hands on one or two, arm yourself with patience. We’re bringing inspiration to you. Here are 12 unique DIY tree trunk projects to steal. Check them out.

Birch log coffee table on wheels made from a tree trunk.
Get creative with tree trunks- Create a stunning coffee table (
A tree trunk coffee table.
Beautiful tree trunk coffee table (
A pair of tree trunk tables and a chair in a living room.
Tree trunk side tables add warmth and texture to the room’s decor (
A cozy living room with a coffee table made from a tree trunk and a stylish lamp.
The white dominated room enhances the warmth of the wood (

A tree trunk coffee table will infuse your home with the warmth and timeless style of the wood. It can become an interesting focal point, thanks to its intriguing texture and massive appearance. Whether your décor is rustic or contemporary, there is a table design to complement every style.

A tree trunk bench with a flower pot on it.
Tree trunk bench infuses the room with a rustic look (
A pair of tables made of wood.
Dramatic contrast between wood and aluminum- Stools by Hilla Shamia (
A group of different colored tree trunks with lights on them.
Spice thing up with a stump seat by Straight Line Design Inc. (
Two tree trunk stools with black metal legs.
Modern Wooden Stools by WitaminaD (

When you think wood décor you think rustic. Here to prove you otherwise are Hilla Shamia, Straight Line Design Inc and WitaminaD. Hilla Shamia’s stools are a juncture between wood and aluminum. The opposition between the materials creates a stylish, dramatic effect. WitaminaD proves that wood can be modern, while Straight Line Design Ins demonstrates that color never ceases to be fun.

A collection of bowls made from tree trunks.
Add a touch of color with a tree trunk DIY candle holder (
A tree trunk clock.
Lovely tree trunk clock (
Beautiful wood trunk shelves (
A living room with a tree trunk wall.
Enticing art made of tree trunks (

Tree trunk furniture and décor can all add style and refinement to your home. Wood is versatile and timeless. Grab your tools and start creating. Which tree trunk DIY project would you like to try first?

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