10 Fabulous Colors To Paint The Walls Of Your Small Living Room

The combination of a room that has a small dimension, you have to think a bit, before making the decision to choose room colors to paint it. At first, you think that the white color will look better and visually enlarge the space, you are right.

The white color helps to make space look bigger but it practically brings light, more nothing; It will be full of light and visually larger but up there are its features. If you want something more as an attractive decoration you have to look for other resources or another color.

What to do then when choosing the color? You want this room to be more spacious and have a personality that is in tune with original decoration? You should take into account the color psychology studies that have been carried out.

The effect of color on human perception and how they affect it. Already in interior decoration, these studies are taken into account, to choose what color and in which room is placed.

If your interest is to know what effect a certain color will produce, in the people who use your room and also the decoration, with those colors, be great; Do not hesitate to review this book with ideas, we will give you 10 of them, so you can choose the colors for your room and get the result you want.

1. Navy blue

A living room with blue walls and gold accents, showcasing beautiful room colors.
Navy blue interior

As everyone knows, the color blue is one of those indicated for the mood of the people, this color affects them positively. But in a small room the dark blue, like the tone we see in the image, must be combined with elements of the decoration in white or neutral, decorating the room with straight, simple lines and a very clean style.

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The choice of the rest of the elements in that room is an important point when it comes to having a very dark color on the walls of a small room. Following these tips, you will get amazing results in your small room.

2. Blue and turquoise green

Blue and turquoise green interior

The blue with a little green form a color, which is closer to nature, is turquoise blue. The answer to this color is to give a feeling of freshness and naturalness to the room where you are.

In this example, the combination of turquoise blue and turquoise green, two tonalities to create an optical illusion, which allows visualizing the room wider instead of resorting to furniture as was done in the previous example.

3. Red

Red interior

Red color, in a room, is to fill it with energy, this color if you want to apply it in a room like this the small room, you must combine it with furniture in white or neutral tones, select for the wall a cherry red or a red burgundy. Since a very bright red color, it can be a bad choice, too much energy together for that small room.

4. Textures as an element in your walls

A white living room with a stone fireplace.
Textures as an element in your walls

The textures on the walls create the feeling of more space, in a small room. If you put wallpaper with textures, on some of the walls it is good to choose neutral colors on the rest of the walls. This way you do not saturate the space, which can become counterproductive in the decoration.

5. Bet on the target

A kitchen with white and marble counter tops.
combine the white color on the walls with pictures or some vinyl

We already commented that the white color is ideal to visually enlarge a space, but it can also be a boring decoration. If you combine the white color on the walls with pictures or some vinyl, with interesting details, you save the situation having then additional interest, in that room of the house, it looks wider and also with an interesting focus of interest, which stops being seen soda.

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6. Bicolor: gray and white

Bicolor: gray and white interior

The combination of neutral walls, painted gray or beige, is an interesting choice, putting notes of color, details such as textiles, a lamp, paintings or elements of decoration to cheer up that environment and not be too sober.

7. Lime green

Lime green interior

The lime green color that you see in the image is a color that contains yellow. This you must use it with prudence so that it does not get rejected. This color that brings light and is a very natural color. If you put it on a single wall, never on all the walls of a room, which will give too much energy to a room causing rejection.

8. The most minimalist white

The most minimalist white interior

If you decide and you dare to use a pure white, not only on the walls but throughout the room: furniture, floor curtains, ceiling, you will find a radiant room of light, more visually wide, very clean, can be said pure. A room of 15 square meters, is with this type of decoration visually a large space full of light. The issue is to dare … Do you dare?

9. A touch of light that focuses attention

A touch of light that focuses attention

If you want something different in your room to choose the furniture and walls in neutral, beige, with a wall with a strong color that stands out as in this image. Everything in it is very neutral, except the wall that is the focus of the decoration and the center of attention in it. That color can be decided by the one you like most, blue and yellow-red. What you are looking for is a disruptive touch of color in that very neutral environment.

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10. Pastel colors

A room with white furniture and a chandelier.
Pastel colors in your interior

If you decide on pastel colors, these have the same effect of neutral colors, with the difference that they already bring you a tone that you can decide what effect you want to occur in that environment. For example, if you rely on a blue color, this has a relaxing effect and you combine it with neutral furniture, they’ll have the perfect effect for your room.

What is your favorite color? What would your room colors combination look like?

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