How to Get the Best Furniture Delivery Without Spending a Fortune

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Buying furniture at most stores means you have to pay a hefty fee for delivery. Usually, it comes with the territory. However, you don’t have to spend a bundle to get your furniture delivered to your home. In fact, you can get the best furniture delivery for free if you know how to do it.

Choose a Furniture Store with Free Delivery

Start by choosing a furniture company with free USA delivery. Make sure they deliver throughout the US and not just in a few states. You can find an online furniture company that may be located in another state but offers fast, free delivery to your location. You may be able to get upgraded delivery services for an additional fee, but if you want to save as much as possible, just opt for the free service.

Avoid Jack-of-All-Trades Movers

If you aren’t careful, you could end up getting your furniture delivered by someone who doesn’t know much about how to protect it. There are two main types of jack-of-all-trades movers you need to avoid. First, there are the random employees of a furniture store. Delivering furniture is only a part of their job, and they don’t have any special knowledge or experience in transporting furniture. Mainly, the furniture company asks them to do it because they’re strong enough to lift the weight of the furniture. Unfortunately, it takes more than brute strength to move furniture safely.

The other type of furniture deliverer you need to avoid is any delivery service that transports a variety of products. They may know something about a delivery, but they aren’t well-versed in the special challenges of making sure furniture arrives in perfect condition. Instead, choose a furniture company that uses teams of expert movers whose only job is to transport furniture safely.

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Find Out about Their Shipping Procedures

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Different furniture stores have different shipping procedures. Ask the following questions:

  • How is the furniture packed and prepared for its journey?
  • Is the furniture inspected at any time during the delivery process?
  • Will, I have advance notice of the furniture’s arrival?
  • What should I do if it’s damaged when it arrives?
  • Where does the delivery team leave my furniture?

If you don’t find this information on the furniture company’s website, don’t hesitate to call customer service and ask. After all, it does you no good to get an affordable home living room set if the delivery service is so bad that it arrives with damage or is left outside in the weather.

When you decide to buy new furniture, the choice of a living room set or bedroom set is only a part of the process. You also need to consider how and by whom the furniture will be delivered.

Find out everything you can about how the furniture company gets the products you buy to your home. If they can’t do it safely and quickly, it’s time to look elsewhere. Find another furniture company that will meet your needs for high-quality furniture that retains its excellent condition throughout the transportation process.

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