Innovative Desk Designs for Your Work or Home Office

A home office with a deer head on the wall and desk designs.

You spend countless hours at your desk, whether you work from home or are employed outside the home. It’s hard to spend so much time even just over work, but it’s even more difficult, when you are a student, who also has college assignment.

To make your life easier you can pay people to do your homework and have at least this time for your rest. With so much time at your job, why not do it in style? Here are some innovative desk designs for your work or home office that will inspire you and, who knows, maybe you’ll want to spend more time at your desk!

A room with a desk.
Industrial style desk (Luminns)
A sleek glass computer desk featuring metal legs and a glass top.
Unique desk (myofficeideas)

Employers realize that happy, satisfied employees are more productive.  If a great new desk makes an employee happy, why not grant them the free license to choose a unique desk.  Functional and stylish, modern desks range from the sleek minimal to the all-encompassing.

An orange-shaped desk in an office with unique designs.
Sleek modern desk (swiftorchids.volna.desk)
A modern desk with a chair and a monitor showcasing creative designs.
Modular desk for all office needs (
A curved top desk with a wooden design.
Creative desk design (homepideas)

When choosing a desk, consider the type of work you do and what your immediate needs are when at your desk.  Are there everyday tasks that you perform or files that you need to conveniently access?  If so, look for a desk that has drawers.  Does your job involve mostly computer work?  If so, choose a desk that can accommodate the elements needed for a computer.

A modern office with white walls and wooden floors featuring unique desk designs.
Modern and functional desk design (
A red and black desk design.
Computer desk (

If you travel for your job and use your desk simply as a spot to catch up on emails and other details between travels, your desk can be a much simpler style.  This is where you can select a very sleek and stylish modern desk design.

Designs Ideas for Landed Property That Are Always Stylish
A yellow desk with wooden floors.
Very sleek and stylish desk (sioconference)
A glass-topped desk with a wooden design.
Beautiful wood highlights this modern desk (mutni)

Ergonomics in furniture design is an important element, especially if you spend many hours hunched over a keyboard.  Ergonomics is the applied science of designing furniture that reduces fatigue and discomfort to the user by conforming more to the natural position of the body.

A modern office desk with a blue chair and unique designs.
Ergonomically designed desk (
A modern glass top desk.
Flowing ergonomically design desk (officearc)

Floating desks are perfect if you are limited on space or share your office.  These are adhered to the wall and only require a minimum of space.  Just pull up a chair and you are set.  These desks are quite innovative in their design.

A computer desk with a stool.
Beautiful floating desk (Luminns)
A computer desk with a monitor.
Floating desk (thatshouldbemine)

If you really want to personalize your office, you can choose a very unique design that fits in with your profession….or obsession.  Car enthusiasts can get great mileage from the car desks that seem to be heralding a new crop of desk designs.

An innovative desk design inspired by a sports car.
Desk for the car enthusiast (lushome)
Mini cooper desk design.
Unique desk (spluch.blogspot)

With so many wonderfully innovative desk designs for your work or home office, choosing one is simply a matter of assessing your needs and finding the perfect fit.  Stylish, functional, ergonomic and very creative, today’s desk designs are far removed from standard office fare.


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