8 ideas for home bars that you’ll adore – Part two


Here are the next four ideas for home bars that we’re sure you’ll fall in love with. If you missed out the first article don’t wait but check it out here!

So if you like the idea of having a home bar without all the people and noise of the night clubs, then you have to try out some of the next few proposals.

Modern mini home bar

If your home is more on the modernistic side of style, then one modern mini bar would be a perfect match for you. Try to decide on simple, clean lines and choose something classic, but in the same time eye-catching.


Artsy bar

Everything that can go as artistic is the right choice for you. Choose a nice painting or a beautifully ornamented cabinet which can be the masterpiece of your home bar. After that all you have to do is arrange the liquor bottles and you’re done.


Bookcase bar

If you have a nice, big bookcase but you don’t have enough books for it, and you don’t want to throw it away, then you already have your perfect home bar. Don’t hesitate to use it – after all good furniture can’t be regarded as garbage just because you don’t know how to incorporate it in your home.

Inspiring Peacock Beauty for Your Home


Wine bottle riddling rack

If you’re more of a wine fan, then the wine bottle riddling rack is the most suitable home bar proposal for you. It’s simple, but yet nice looking – what better than that?




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