Beautiful and Unique Ceilings

A home theater with unique leather seats and a ceiling.

Floors, walls, and ceilings are the three different planes of a room. By far, ceilings are the most neglected planes.

A room with a unique and colorful ceiling above the bed.
Colorful stained-glass ceiling (lushhome).

As we typically look forward and down in a room, walls and floors are typically decorated and maintained much more than the ceilings which are often overseen.

A living room with a unique circular ceiling.
Backlit, drop ceiling design (classicart).

Stucco ceilings, also known as popcorn or cottage cheese ceilings, were extremely popular between 1950 and 1980. The hasty removal of this eyesore has become a hot topic on DIY sites over the last few years.

The interior of a restaurant with unique wooden slats as ceilings.
Incredibly unique ceiling of panels (myhomeimprovementdesign).

As popcorn ceilings are being replaced by flat, smooth ceilings: doors are beginning to open and let in a great many possibilities for unique and pleasing ceilings.

A dining room with a blue ceiling.
Light-colored blue ceiling (indulgy).

Color is the easiest way of refreshing a room’s ceiling. Some people are fearful of this proposition as it veers from the traditional white ceiling.

Unique purple ceiling in a dining room.
Eye-catching purple ceiling (Jordan Guide).

However, colored ceilings are fantastic pops of color and open a room as they draw the eye upward.

A unique wooden ceiling in a dining room.
Wood paneling with iron beams (decorcology).

Wood or metal accents are excellent ways of bringing texture and rustic or traditional feelings into a room.

A dining room with a chandelier and unique ceilings.
Gorgeous coffered ceiling with a unique shape(eastsidehomelink).

Coffers also add a level of dimension and movement into the room without overwhelming viewers with multicolored patterns.

A room with a unique painted ceiling and chandelier.
Light and breezy ceiling mural (segretofinishes).

An immersive ceiling mural can be beyond unique and symbolic or personal to your own interests.

A dining room with a unique starry sky ceiling.
Fiberoptic ceiling (brandlighting).

Our last and favorite example is the incredible fiber-optic lighting. Fiber-optics are small lights coming from one large hose and spread out throughout a ceiling’s area to create a starry-night-esque scene.

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