Designing Your Child’s Dream Bedroom/Playroom

Child's Dream Playroom

We all want what is best for our children. We want them to be forever happy, to make lots of friends, to dream big, and to succeed in everything they attempt. Of course, this is easier said than done. The world can be a nasty place, but they’ve learned that home is where they are safe and loved.

A Child's Dream Bedroom with a boat on the wall.
A shipwreck bed in an underwater themed bedroom (awesomeinventions).

A child’s home should be their safe haven, where they have nothing to fear and are free to conjure up their big dreams. These big dreams will later morph into their aspirations and shape their character.

A child's dream bedroom with a bunk bed and a desk.
Woodland themed bedroom with an enclosed loft (byrodesigns).

Enclosed areas -including lofts, niches, spaces under the bed, or reimagined closets- are an amazing outlet for children.

A Child's Dream Bedroom with a pirate ship on the ceiling.
Pirate bedroom with floating pirate ship and bridge (lamausa).

While adults may see these in their simplest terms, children see them as hidden, mysterious, and –most importantly– full of possibilities.

A child's dream bedroom with a wooden boat on the wall.
A bedroom with a nautical, fishing theme, featuring boat bed (furnikids).

That little niche can become a cave, a castle, a cottage, a home.

A Child's Dream Bedroom with a princess carriage.
Cinderella themed bedroom, all the way down to the “pumpkin” carriage (smoothfm).

It could be a hiding place from the ogre they’re attempting to slay or a the fairy cottage they’ve been combing the forest for.

Child's Dream Playroom with playhouse and slide.
Adorable cottage themed room with a bed inside the cottage and loft on top (poshtots).

If you have observed that your child has an obsession with a certain genre of make-believe -for example pirates, racecars, fairies, medieval knights, etc.

A child's dream playroom with a yellow and white awning.
Marketplace stall themed play area (ikea).

A fantastic way of securing that love for fantastical adventures can be to transform their room into another land.

A table in a child's dream bedroom or playroom with a mural on it.
Castle playroom, complete with wall mural and door (youdreamit-webuildit)

This not only embraces their love for playtime but can open up new doors that they had never before imagined.

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