How to make a windowless room HAPPIER


Lets face it no one likes a room without any windows. A window brings in light, air and provides for a look into the outside world. However if you have a room or two on your property which have no windows there is still hope in making it one of the happier rooms in your house. These rooms are often in basements where getting natural light and feeling of openness is relatively difficult. Some smart tricks below can counter those feels and make the room brighter.

1- Add mirrors

Mirrors since always have been used as a source of illusion. In one of our earlier blogs, we spoke about how adding mirrors to smaller bathrooms can make it seem much larger. Using mirrors in a windowless environment also helps make the illusion of showing some depth and something beyond even if its our own reflection. Using beautiful frames and borders, all sizes of mirrors help a room feel better even in absence of windows.

A glass closet wall is one of the most ingenious ways to make your windowless bedroom feel better.
Even by having a free standing mirror on one of the walls, the space looks beyond into the reflection
Mirrors in a white space are the next best thing to having natural light and windows in any space

2- Paint the walls white

White is the color which reflects light the most and makes spaces look much more open. This is the most basic and one of the most effective ways to make a windowless room better. However, a perfect shade of white is important as a crisp white may make the room feel colder. A warmer tone of white is much preferred as it interacts better with other tints.

Luxurious Interior Design Services from Cavallini 1920
A creamier color of white for the walls along with lighter shade of wood makes this room without windows feel much better
White walls in this perspective make the space feel much larger
With good lighting and white color walls to reflect it, even a window less space becomes happier

3- Use large frames to place your art in

The Romans and the people of Pompeii did wonders with this. For smaller rooms, they would paint their walls as windows and have illusion of the city or the country beyond. By making the favorite art work  of the house framed into a window like structure it can break the monotony of the room walls and provide a much needed relief in a window less room. These art pieces can be paintings, pictures or any other form of art work which depicts an activity happening.

Classical people have been doing the wall art illusion for centuries like this one in China
Big art piece centers this basement space with greens and a white sofa on a white wall beyond.
A burst of art work in a windowless space brings in right amount of energy in the room.

4- Make internal windows and frosted glass

Making internal windows in a windowless area gives you a feeling of depth in those spaces. Interconnected rooms in basements can have these and they help the rooms feel better and more connected. Using of frosted glass is also an idea which works brilliantly in such circumstances. Making windows with frosted glass gives as good a feel of the window having things beyond.

Frosted glass window and a pot beyond gives almost a real window like illusion
Internal windows in spaces make the space feel much larger
Frosted glass on doors and walls can give illusion of space being continuous beyond.



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