26 Stylish Children’s Bedrooms big ideas that will inspire your own design


Looking for ideas to create a space your kids will love? A child’s room is the perfect place to explore imaginative ideas, from an ark-shaped bookshelf to butterfly wallpaper to neon bed frames.

Decorating a kids’ room doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on style. In fact, it opens up a whole new world of exciting design possibilities, even for small spaces. It’s the perfect excuse to be as bold, brave or magical as you want. Whether it’s a girls’ room, a boys’ bedroom or nursery, we’ve found some amazing children’s bedroom ideas to steal, from furniture to accessories like  kids’ wallpaper.

In these beautifully designed rooms below, the perfect balance of practicality and creativity has been achieved and will easily appeals to parents and children alike.

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childrens-bedroom-design-16 childrens-bedroom-design-15 childrens-bedroom-design-14 childrens-bedroom-design-12

Have fun with your children’s rooms and embrace your own imagination when styling. childrens-bedroom-design-11 childrens-bedroom-design-10

childrens-bedroom-design-9 childrens-bedroom-design-8 childrens-bedroom-design-7 childrens-bedroom-design-6

Whatever your decorating style, you can really have fun when it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom.childrens-bedroom-design-5 childrens-bedroom-design-4 childrens-bedroom-design-3 childrens-bedroom-design-2 childrens-bedroom-design-1

Wouldn’t it be cool to grow up in a room as inspiring as these? Which one of these stylish children’s bedrooms is your favorite?


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