Bunk Beds for Creative Bed-time Fun

A white bunk bed with a trundle.

Bunk beds have come a long way from the simple purely functional designs manufactured years ago.  Today’s bunk beds are custom-crafted pieces that cater to every whim and fantasy.  Houses, castles, cars and cozy cubbies are among some of the creative styles.  If you are looking for space-saving solutions in a child’s room or just want fresh ideas for sleeping arrangements, bunk beds may fit your needs.

A room with bunk beds.
Bunk beds create a cozy corner in this bedroom (decoist)
A room with purple and white decor featuring bunk beds.
Pretty bunk beds (welikehouse)
A room with bunk beds.
Nautical style bunk beds (favim)
A child's room featuring bunk beds.
Cozy bunk beds (amrdesign.ca)

Great space-savers, bunk beds are a popular item for those with multiple children and limited space.  Bunk beds are also great for guest bedrooms in vacation homes when creative sleeping arrangements are sometimes necessary.

A children's room with colorful bunk beds.
Bunk beds are a space-saving solution (janeymacpress.blogspot)
A room with bunk beds.
Bunk beds can be a solution for vacation home sleeping arrangements (rodican)
A bedroom with bunk beds.
Bunk beds perfect for a vacation home (thearfitplan)
A room with a bunk bed and a couch.
Stylish bunk beds (favething)

Bunk beds become an adventure for children when they are fashioned to resemble a house, a car or ship’s quarters.  They invite a sense of play and make going to bed fun.  Cozy cubbies, fort-like enclosures and castles let the imagination run wild.

A girl's bedroom with bunk beds.
A cute house bunk bed (rootnh)
Vw camper van with bunk beds.
Fun bunk beds (mommydaddyblog)
A girl in a room with bunk beds.
Bunk beds for a dreamy goodnight (gambasandgrits)
A room with bunk beds.
Cozy cubbies (viewhometrends)
A white bunk bed.
A tree house inspired bunk bed (Houzz)

For the home with limited space, bunk beds can serve as functional pieces that contain extra storage and even desk work space.  These all-in-one units eliminate the need for extra cabinets and dressers in a bedroom.

A room with bunk beds and a desk.
Bunk bed integrated with storage (groovexi)
A bunk bed in a blue bedroom.
Bunk bed for child’s room (meddiodesign)

Bunk beds don’t have to be just for kids’ rooms.  When designed into a recreation room they can double as cozy seating areas for watching movies.

A bunk bed in a compact bedroom.
Bunk beds perfect for a recreation room (decoist)
A children's room featuring bunk beds.
Bunk beds perfect for limited space (skroutzondeck)
A room with bunk beds.
Barn-inspired bunk beds (decoholic.org)

Bunk beds save space, create a fun atmosphere for children and serve as additional bedding in vacation homes.  Their versatility in style and function make them the perfect solution to small bedrooms and a great option in a recreation room.  Today’s bunk beds are fun for every age.



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