14 DIY Easy Home Decor Ideas You Can Do Right Now: A Blog About Simple and Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Space

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Moving into a new house can be one of life’s greatest joys. Also, it can be a time of uncertainty and new ideas, especially when decorating your space or favorite room. You can try DIY(do it yourself) methods to add variety to your home décor ideas. There are multiple ways to decorate your home; below, we have mentioned 15 easy DIY home décor ideas you can follow.

  1. Spoon Display
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You can use multiple varieties of spoons to make a designer hack; for example, wooden spoons are used to decorate the kitchen area. You can even design your dining table with the spoon decor idea.

2. Handmade Bookshelf

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You can design your own bookshelf to put your favorite books in it. To design it you can use wooden or stainless steel material and modify its settings according to your needs.

3. Wall Art

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Canvas photo prints can give your space a warm feel in a room that needs texture. Family and wedding photos are a go-to for canvas wall art, but original artwork gives this traditional option. Do Try to match the art to the color of your furniture for an even, balanced and rich feel. 

4. Mirror Design

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Wall mirrors offer a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality when placed mindfully. Wall mirrors are also a versatile decor element. They can help unify a space, add style, and achieve balance. Mirrors emit positive energy into your room, increase its appeal, make a statement, and amplify the lighting of dimly lit rooms. 

5. Table Lamp

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Lamps are one of the crucial elements that must be present in the room or space because they set the mood right. You can design your lamps in various ways to suit your comfort level. Tying rope around the lamp can be an excellent DIY hack.

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6.  Hanging Baskets

Baskets can be an easy and beautiful home decor option. Get two to three colored baskets, hang them wherever you like, and add the right shade of color to your home decor.

7.  Chalk Wall TimeTable

Keep track of chores and assignments for the day with a wallboard. It works best in a place where everyone spends a lot of time, like the front hall or in your child’s study room. You can also use colored chalk to add a more classy look to your board.

8. Napkin Rings

Napkin rings or holders are slowly gaining popularity as they can add a more goofy look to your dining table. Give your dining table a traditional look by adding a Wooden Napkin Holder that brings elegance to your dining experience. Wood can add special prestige to any space if skilled artisans craft it; then, the innovation wood can create boundlessly. Unlike any other material, wood looks decent in any setting or makes everything exquisite.

9. Flower Vases

Flower vases are generally placed to add a different touch to your home. But you can use them as hanging materials because they add elegance and class to your home decor dreams. Use a variety of flowers like lilies or roses to make them more attractive.You can hang any homemade nursery plants next to your window and watch your plant grow their roots. You don’t need any extra support like a table, a piece of furniture or a window sill to put all of them.

10. Custom Designed Wallpaper

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The use of wallpaper can characterize a room without compromising on space, like furniture or home accessories would, but simply using one or more walls to confer a mood to an environment. Adding custom-designed wallpaper to any room can accentuate your home decor choices and overall design style.

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11. Plant Shelves

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Make your own customized patterned pots with acrylic paint colors and designs. You can try geometric patterns and polka dots for your also. Place plants inside the pots for decor that are placed on a window sill, desk, and even on a side table to bring an extra charm to the room space.

12. Gallery Wall

You can Compose a wall gallery made entirely of personal wall art. Whether you’d like a canvas print with or without a frame, you can create a stunning piece of decor that will impress anyone.

13.  Painted Leaves

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We all want decor that is a testament to our style and elevating it to make our homes look cozier. This DIY room decor hack is best to complete in the spring season when plenty of leaves are on the ground to show your creativity. Use real leaves and paint some festive patterns; you can create this earthy art piece.

14. Photo Lamp

Photos are the mirror of our memories. They keep our feelings alive. Make a  photo lamp with pics of the people you love the most. Choose images with special meaning, like ones from vacations, weddings, birthdays, or even your anniversary. It is a great way to personalize your bedroom space.

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