The Best Mirror Tips to Beautify Your Bathroom

A modern bathroom with two sinks, a toilet, and a mirror.

Mirrors create a lot of dimension and volume in a room. It is a very common piece that is used in a lot of places, especially at home. One of the places that you will see a mirror is a bathroom. Mirrors do not only function as a way to see ourselves, but it also serves as a decoration of the room. This is why it’s important to choose the right kind of mirror to match the theme of one’s bathroom.

The question is; “What are the best kinds of bathroom mirrors?”

Definitely, the best kinds for your bathroom are the stylish, functional and unique mirrors. Here are 6 mirror tips to help you give your bathroom the pop it deserves!

Place A Full-Length Mirror Near The Bathroom Closet.

Do you have a bathroom closet to store your clothes? Does it bother you that you can’t see how you look once you wear them? Placing a full-length mirror can help you with your fitting worries.

For example, placing a full-length mirror beside your closet helps you to decide faster and lets you see how the fit turns out.

A white bathroom with a mirror.

Use A Vanity Mirror For Your Cosmetics And Skincare Station.

Place a vanity mirror on top of your cosmetics/skincare station to vamp up its look. You can choose a mirror that has built-in lights to help give better lighting and make you see your skin clearer.

You can also use a different kind of mirror beside the first example. For instance, you can use a magnifying cosmetic mirror for make-up purposes. This kind of mirror may be used by both women and men, for some men do apply products on their face too.

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A lighted mirror.Not only does the vanity mirror serve a purpose, but it is also a decoration for the bathroom. “How can I use it as a décor?” Vanity mirrors can be customized nowadays. You can have them in different colors, sizes, textures, and prints.

For example, use a black marble pattern for the mirror’s frame if your bathroom’s walls are white. This will create a dimension for your bathroom’s look.

Install Extension Mirrors To Give Volume in Bathroom

Installing extension mirrors save space for cramped bathrooms and give volume to the room. In addition to that, extension mirrors can be placed anywhere you would like them to be placed.  This is due to the fact that they can be used and folded again, so you can adjust them to the position you want them to be.

A mirror hanging in a bathroom.

Framed Mirrors: The Traditional Way.

One of the most common types of bathroom mirrors is framed ones. If you are going for the theme of traditional or rustic feel then framed mirrors are right up your alley. If your bathroom looks to flat, a framed mirror will help give it life.

Framed mirrors are customizable as well; you can use different materials for the frame such as metal, wood, and plastic. You can also customize the color of the frames to match with your bathroom theme.

A bathroom with a mirror.

Lighted Mirrors For A Brighter Look.

Lighted mirrors give a brighter look if you have a dark themed bathroom. With the technology today, mirrors are installed with lights to serve as an alternative or additional source of light to the room.

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For instance, your ceiling lights are not enough to brighten the whole room and you need an additional source of light. Installing lighted mirrors will do the job; you can turn it on and off depending on your needs and this makes it more convenient.

A bathroom with a mirror.

 Use Ledge Mirrors For Extra Storage.

Ledge mirrors provide extra storage for some of your bathroom necessities. Are your drawers full? Ledge mirrors will save the day! Put your most used and important necessities on the ledge for faster access!

A stool with a gold mirror.

Besides that, you can also put decorations and small trinkets that can give a pop of color to your bathroom. You can use it for your needs or you can use it for extra decoration! Isn’t it great?


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  1. I had no idea that one of the most common types of bathroom mirrors is framed ones! I just moved into a new apartment and am having a hard time finding a mirror for my bathroom, and need good tips. I will definitely utilize all of your great tips and information when looking for the perfect mirror for my bathroom.

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