6 DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Four pictures of a DIY bathroom remodel showcasing a bathtub, shower, and sink.

The two most important rooms in the house are often considered to be the kitchen and the bathroom. The kitchen I the place where the family traditional meets and shares time together. The bathroom is the one place you’ll find peace and quiet in a house of chaos.

Of course, remodeling either of these rooms is also the most expensive improvement you can make inside your existing home. But it is generally worth it if done properly.

In fact, it is possible to remodel your bathroom yourself without needing to spend a fortune.

However it is worth noting that regulations are in force regarding plumbing and electrics in your bathroom. Electricity and water do not mix well; you need to have access to a good Sydney plumber before you start any work.

This will ensure you have the help you need when you need it.

Here are 6 DIY bathroom remodeling ideas you can get started on today:

  1. Eliminate The Shower Pan

A DIY bathroom remodel with a glass shower stall and tiled floor.

Get the streamlined look by removing your current shower tray and tiling the floor or purchase an in floor pan. You’ll need to adjust the current plumbing so that the drain sits lower than floor level. You’ll need to position this first in the centre of where you’re shower will be. It’s a good idea to mark the area with wood first.

You can then fill the area under the shower with cement and add either your shower liner, in floor pan or tiles on top. This should prevent any leaks from damaging the rest of your home.

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Once you’ve got this all set you simply need to add glass screens to enclose the shower area.

It will look fantastic.

  1. Replace The Accessories

A set of chrome-finished bathroom accessories to enhance your DIY bathroom remodel.

If you don’t feel like ripping all the plumbing out then it is worth considering repainting the walls with bathroom quality paint and changing all the accessories.

This doesn’t just mean the toilet roll holder and towel rail. To really transform your bathroom you should replace all the faucets with new ones that look modern, reflect the feel of your home and are uniform across the room.

This is a fairly easy job to do but you will need to shut off the water before you start unscrewing the tap connectors.

  1. Retile

A bathtub in a DIY bathroom remodel.

You can retile your entire bathroom or just the shower; the choice is yours.

This is a great way to really transform the space without needing to get plumbers involved. It is possible to tile over the existing tiles but it is better to remove them and start again. Leaving them in place could weaken the bond of your new tiles and place too much stress on your walls.

Carefully lift all the old tiles off and inspect the walls. You may need to patch them up; they should be fairly smooth before you start tiling.

Then carefully apply tile cement to a small area and add your first tiles. Make sure they are straight and evenly spaced; with tile spacers.

  1. Upgrade The Bath

A DIY bathroom remodel featuring a white bathtub and window.

Why stick with the conventional bath when you can replace it with a traditional freestanding one or even a Jacuzzi bath?

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You may be surprised at how easy it is to achieve the desired result.

Start by shutting the water off and removing the pipes from the existing bath faucets. Then remove the drainage but be sure to plug the pipe; this will prevent gases coming into your home.

You will then need to locate the fastenings from your bath and remove them; it is then ready to remove and you can select the location to install your new one.

You may need to adjust the plumbing slightly to ensure the new bath fits.

  1. Check The Toilet

Two DIY toilets in a bathroom remodel.Toilets are used on a very regular basis and can often becoming cracked or simply too worn and damaged to repair.

Replacing the toilet with a close coupled one will instantly make your bathroom feel larger. You can also opt for the overhead flush to help maintain the period features of your bathroom.

The choice is yours but all toilets should have the same size waste fitting. Providing you’re not moving its location this is actually a very easy job.

  1. Replace It All

A large tub and two sinks in a DIY bathroom remodel.The obvious thought when remodeling your bathroom is to remove all the furnishings and the tiles before replacing them with new. You’re certain to get a completely fresh looking bathroom but this is a disruptive job.

You’ll need to plan for people in the house to be able to access showers and the toilet; if you have a second bathroom this will make the job much easier.

Choose a modern but plain bathroom suite and then decide where you want to position everything. This will dictate how much the pipes need to be moved and whether you want to do the job yourself or not.

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Once the pipes are in position you can add the furnishings and retile; it will look so good you won’t want to use it!

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