Tips for Pool Safety for Your Back Yard

A collage of photos showcasing different types of swimming pools, emphasizing pool safety.

Having a pool in your back yard is an awesome thing. Sure, it might be a bit tedious to keep it clean and spotless every day, but when you can actually use it as much as you want to cool off in the heat, there are very few feelings that come close.

However, you still need to make sure that your pool is safe for everyone, especially if you have young children around, or pets which might not be the best swimmers (looking at you, cats).

Pool experts at Payan Pool Service offer some great tips on how to keep your pool safe during this summer season.

Children’s Safety First

If your children are near or in the pool, make sure that they are always supervised. Teaching your children how to swim as soon as they are able is a good idea, but don’t rely on their skill to protect them. No matter how good a swimmer a child is, they still need to be closely watched.

So, if you are not in the pool, at least stay close enough so you can see them and act if they are in trouble.

For households with really young children, a pool fence is practically a must. Just like any other fence, it will prevent your child from accidentally wandering off to the pool area when you are not watching. Some experts recommend getting alarms on doors which lead to the pool. Whether it is redundant or not is up to you.

Taking extra precautions might not only keep your own little ones safe—it can also help neighbor children whose supervision you cannot control. In the past, parents grieving over the loss of a child after an accident in a neighbor’s pool have successfully filed premise’s liability claims for compensation with the help of personal injury lawyers.

Best Tips for Maintaining a Swimming Pool

In order to prevent a tragedy—and to avoid the emotional and financial toll of a lawsuit—play it safe; fence in your pool to keep any little ones in the vicinity at bay. 

Drain Covers

Each pool needs to have a drain. These holes serve to purify the water before it is sent back into the pool. Typically, they are several feet away from the pool and covered by a metal grille or some other type of cover.

A safe swimming pool with a drain in the middle.

What is important about these covers is that they are visibly marked and perhaps even fenced off so nobody (yourself included) wouldn’t accidentally step on it and fall in, injuring themselves in the process.

Naturally, if the cover is damaged or missing, replace it immediately as it is a safety hazard for everyone, but children and pets in particular.

Is Your Deck Cluttered

A lot of people don’t consider a cluttered or a messy pool deck to be a health hazard, but it very much can be. Children do enjoy running around, and if they trip or run into something, they can fall and injure themselves, especially if your deck is made of the concrete, or if they fall onto the edge of the pool.

Always keep a walkable path from the house to the pool and the main resting area on your deck.

In the Pool

Your pool itself can be a safety hazard or a safe zone, depending on how it has been put together. San Diego pools created by professionals are typically safe because they incorporate a lot of the safety features which are important.

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Having at least one inflatable life ring or a similar item in the water may seem like a bad idea, but if a non-swimmer falls in, or if somebody has a problem in the pool, they will be more than grateful for it.

Additionally, having at least two different ladders and railings in different parts of the Swimming Pool Services can give you or your children enough confidence to actually go into the pool, knowing they can leave much quicker and much safer if they feel like it.

Chemical Safety

In order to keep your pool clean and presentable, you need to use a lot of chemicals, including chlorine.

Chlorine is a poisonous substance which needs to be kept away from children and other non-trained individuals. What’s more, when you use it, make sure you are wearing protective equipment.

And when they are not being used to clean your pool, chlorine and other pool chemicals need to be stored safely away.

Know What to Expect After an Injury

Part of the fun of pool ownership is having guests to swim with you. Bringing friends and family over for a dip in the pool is a great way to cool off and bond in the summer. But inviting others over to your pool can be a liability.

For example, let’s say there’s a safety hazard involving your pool, but you fail to warn someone before they’re seriously injured. They may even seek out one of the top personal injury attorneys in South Carolina to get compensation for their injuries. Because the recovery can be so costly, it’s important to consider all these pool safety tips now, not later.

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Pool safety revolves a lot on common sense, but there are always gaps in our knowledge, and it’s a good idea to do a mental checklist from time to time.

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