Best Face Forward – How to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Property

A house model and coins on a scale, showcasing how to boost your property's curb appeal.

Your property is an asset. And while we have emotional ties to the creaky floorboards and dripping tap, it is an asset. Keeping your property curb appeal in check is a great habit to get into, and will set you up for the future sale that could turn you a generous profit. It’s not as easy as just sticking a FOR SALE sign in the front grass, you must cater to the needs of the home, and make sure you have a buyers hat on when improving the following features of your home.

Get the right doors and windows

The eyes of the home. Securing the right windows may be the factor that turns a maybe into a yes for future buyers, so don’t skimp out on this detail. The same can be said of the doors to your home so make sure you have a smart looking front door and a stylish yet functional Sectional Garage Door to give you an edge over the competitors and make your property that much more memorable. You may think this is a step not worth considering as your windows and doors are fine. But are they? Look at them with fresh eyes and then make the call.


This is a chore you are really going to have to commit to. Whether it is by your own hand, or of someone else’s – landscaping and yard work is a relentless task but makes an enormous impact on the facade of your home. If your potential buyers walk through an incredibly curated garden and yard to your home, they are probably already in love before they even see the master bed. If you intend to sell your home sooner rather than later, choose a landscaping style that is effective yet low-maintenance so that you are not breaking your back in the lead up to the open homes.

How smart homes would be in the future

Give your house a lick of paint

Painting your home is something that many homes neglect, and it can harm your curb appeal quite dramatically. You don’t need to hire four painters to knock this job over in a day, instead take your time so that you are saving money and doing a thorough job. Choose a colour that will stand the test of time, and something that will please the masses. You may not be a fan of white or grey, but the average homeowner will be looking for these core classic colours.

Fence and gate

Who knows who will buy your house, but chances are they will at some stage think about pets and children if they don’t already have them. Installing a gate or fence eliminates that hassle for the buying, and gives them a sense of safety and security. There is a style for every home, from a white picket fence through to a remote-controlled gate fitted with security cameras. Find something that is visually appealing, but won’t break the bank.

So much love and attention goes into making a house and a home. Fortunately, if you are looking to sell this home or get it to a position where people are knocking on your door, then you can make some savvy decisions and leave the emotion out of it. Always make decisions that will benefit your average punter, and add things that will make it hard for them to refuse your asset.

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