Sliding Glass Doors –The Epitome of Precision and Elegance

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For every homeowner in the midst of a remodeling or new property construction project – we would really like to recommend using sliding glass doors to really improve their style of living. Give us about 3 minutes to convince you why you need sliding doors that are engineered for ultimate precision and elegance for your home.

Why Choose Large Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors have been designed for large openings and can be custom made for your home. These products are available in clay, wood, and aluminum frames to best match the ambiance of your living space. You may even match your home’s ambiance by choosing from a wide variety of color schemes.

Look for products that go through independent testing and make sure your choice of large sliding glass doors exceed the standards of the industry. Through independent testing, critics of these products should also have found that the products stand firmly and exquisitely against forced entry, thermal and structural performance, water penetration, and also air filtration.

A dining room featuring a sliding glass door.


Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

With sliding glass doors fitted into your living spaces, kitchens, dining areas, and bathrooms, you will find that you can luxuriously enjoy a view that opens to your beautiful surroundings. While offering you a natural view, you will still be able to be at a peace with weather resistance and sound barriers that these products are able to provide.

These products are connected in their panel via a train. These panels can be designed to hinge off from both of their side jambs and can be made to fold or slide in a plethora of ways. It’s all about preference and imagination, really. In every method, however, you will be able to retain as much space as possible as the panels will remain at a 90-degree angle from the opening.

Smart and Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Safer

A room with sliding glass doors.

How You Will Benefit with Sliding Glass Doors

Homeowners can literally find hundreds of options to configure glass sliding doors in their homes. The total number of panels on the intended area of your home will depend on 4 factors – the glazing, width, panel height, and design.

We recommend that homeowners stack at least 6 hinged panels on either side and have a maximum width of approximately 36 inches for every exterior application. For interior applications, however, we recommend that homeowners use 40 inches of width.

In top-hung glass wall systems, homeowners will be supported with additional groups of unhinged paired panels. Here, the biggest benefit will be that the maximum number of glass wall panels will be virtually unlimited!

With odd numbers of glass panels stacked to each side, homeowners will have single acting operable doors. Other than this, they may have versatile functions like swinging entries or exit panels. These panels will have the flexibility of either remaining partially or fully open.

All of these glass sliding doors will have complete ease of operation and will quickly close or open – no matter how wide the openings are. There will be no use for support from auxiliary tracks as all of the structural loads from these products will simply be within the plane of the opening.

Both the floor-mounted and top-supported systems can be found readily available for homeowners, and what they use in their home is completely their choice. They can choose from multitudes of stacking options and configurations. These will include outward and inward opening options. Lastly, homeowners will also be able to choose from a center pivot or paired panel options.

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The advantages and options are virtually limitless!

A sliding glass door in a living room.

NanaWall’s Products Include

NanaWall has 20 unique systems for homeowners to choose from themselves with their own unique groups of diverse configurations, installations, and customizations.

   Folding Glass Walls

These include floor supported or top-hung models with outward or inward openings. Homeowners can choose from edge-to-edge glass, aluminum clad, wood, or aluminum options. All of these products will provide the protection and comfort of concrete walls, but with so much more luxury.

   Sliding Glass Walls

This product will offer homeowners with wide spans of individual panel designs and handles on single tracks. Their top-hung panels will allow users to easily navigate around multiple forms of geometry.

   Frameless Glass Walls

NanaWall also offers its clients with frameless glass walls that have no visible profile. The separation of these glass walls will have complete transparency, acoustic buffering, and natural daylight.

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