Why You Should Install Ash Wood Flooring in Your Home

A living room with hardwood floors and a couch.

As we get closer to the New Year, many people may be turning their attention to their homes and the possibilities of updating their interiors; giving them a fresh new look for a brand-new year. For some people, this might just mean a fresh coat of paint on the walls but if you are considering a full room overhaul, then you will probably want to think about your flooring options as well.

If you are looking for something stylish that will really give your home the wow factor, then hardwood flooring is the way forward. If you are concerned that is might be too costly then it is worth considering that whilst the initial outlay may be more, hardwood flooring, when looked after properly, can last a very long time and still look absolutely incredible in your home.

Why choose hardwood flooring?

If you are looking for a floor covering for your home that is timeless, will fit with any décor and style of furniture that you have, and will work well even if you change your style, then hardwood flooring could be the perfect option for you. Good quality hardwood flooring will last really well if you follow a simple maintenance routine.

That means regular cleaning with a soft brush to pick up any loose debris, occasional mopping with a damp (not wet) mop, and removing shoes at the door so that small stones and dust particles are not walked into your flooring. Whilst it is true that over time the shade of your hardwood flooring will change this is completely natural and will offer you a really stunning shade that can only improve with time, adding tone and warmth to your home.

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A room with a glass staircase and ash wood flooring.

Which wood should I choose?

Real wood flooring comes in a stunning range of shades and types so it is best to choose one that is most suited to your home and the type of traffic that it will be subjected to. If you are looking for a very durable and sturdy hardwood that will stand up to heavy footfall, then you really can’t go wrong with ash wood flooring as the wood of choice.

As one of the harder woods available to purchase, ash, which is around 10% harder than oak, will stand up to much more wear and tear, and is the ideal choice for a hallway or living room where it is likely to see a lot of action from people coming into your home. Not only is ash durable, it is also resistant to impact as well. Ash also has the advantage of being a hardwood type that is less susceptible to absorbing moisture when used as flooring. This could be an important feature if you have young children who are more prone to spilling things or even pets who are likely to have accidents.

Ash flooring tends to be on the lighter side when it comes to colouring. This makes it a great choice for any room where you are wanting to create the illusion of more space as lighter colours help to really open up a room. If you prefer your flooring a little darker, ash is also a flooring option that takes really well to stains and finishes giving you the best of both worlds.

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In addition to being a great choice for a hallway or living room, ash is a very popular wood choice with people looking for new flooring for the kitchen. Its durability and moisture resistance make it a very practical choice that will also look absolutely stunning.

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