Get Inspiration for Your Home Kitchen from These 5 Interior Design Ideas

A modern interior with a staircase leading up to the kitchen.

Let’s face it, designing a room is easier than designing a kitchen. Kitchen interior should be water and heat resistant. Therefore, the materials for a kitchen interior are chosen considering all the requirements. But how to make your kitchen look mesmerizing with materials that are suitable for it? Check out our interior design ideas for your kitchen.

One Colored Minimal Interior for a Big Kitchen:

Bright colors look good in a child’s room but when you want a mature setting, going for one color is the best option. A light minimal look with less design and colors express luxury and royalty. For a minimal look, keep everything reflecting such as using tiles for floors, and stainless steel for the cabinets. If your kitchen is spacious, keep all the things distant from each other.


Using small detailing of dark colors such as black and grey enhances the minimality of the interior. This way the whole interior won’t look like a big whitewashed room. This idea is suitable for houses in which there are only adults. If you have toddlers or kids, a minimal look including light colors can be a bad idea. As kids are good at ruining clean spaces with their crayons and color markers.

A Light Touch of colors:

If you want less minimalism and want to introduce more color in your kitchen, then going for pastel and light colors is good. Using wood for your cabinets or table also enhances the color scheme. If you want to add more than one color, than instead of using different paints use different materials for things such as wood flooring and tables, steel cabinets, etc.
Pastel colors such as green and blue look elegant and endearing. They are good to match and mix with a variety of materials. Such interior designing is good for a medium or small sized kitchen.

Aqua and Coral for a Fresh Summer Color Scheme

An interior with green cabinets and a wooden table.

Interior Design for Small Kitchen Space

Do you have a small kitchen space? No worries even that can look aesthetic. The ideal way of interior designing of a small kitchen is to surround the sides with the interior. Leave the middle space empty where you can work and walk.  A small kitchen has its own grace and benefits. You can stand in one place and do all the work from there.  A minimal white cabinet surrounding the sides with a wooden countertop looks organized. The wooden countertop adds color to the minimalism. To pair up with the wooden countertop, wooden flooring or tiling can be used.

Interior kitchen with white cabinets and wooden counter tops.

Vintage and Contemporary Together

Vintage interior designing looks aesthetic and for such a theme wood is the best material to be used. To make it look contemporary, stainless steel countertop can be used for tables or cabinets. A hint of whitewash at certain places also add in the contemporariness.  Another material for the vintage bricks. Bricks can be used on the walls. For more vintage look bare bricks are ideal whereas painting on the bare bricks can make it look contemporary. Vintage and contemporary together can work at any time. It would not look out of trend in the future as well.


Chic and Sophisticated Design

If after seeing so much of minimalism, you are tired and need something chicer and more fashionable I have an idea for that too. Adding a good color for the cabinets and tables looks stylish. To spice the color up, use a patterned colorful floor. Choose the color of the tiling that looks good with the color of your table and counter. Don’t use a bright and funky color even in the tiling of the floor. Choose a sophisticated color such as blue, maroon, etc.
Dark colors are only suitable in big kitchens as dark colors tend to make space look smaller. Therefore, small kitchens look good with lighter colors.

A Modern Miami Apartment with Traditional and Colourful Twist

Interior kitchen

Bottom Line

Colors of cabinets, materials used and flooring are the main components while choosing a full interior design for the kitchen. Choose such colors and materials which are pretty to look at and easy to clean and maintain also.</p

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