Chick And Modern Ways To Use Pink In The Kitchen

Modern kitchen with pink cabinets and teal chairs.

Pink left its little-girl roots long ago and it’s now one of the most wanted colors in home furnishing at the moment. You may have tried to add pink to your cushions in the living room or maybe even on a pink set of dining chairs, but we challenge you to think about pink in another, more daring way – in your kitchen.

Pink is said to be a color of romance, representing warmth, love, and comfort. Also, when used in the home, pink creates an instant welcoming energy, filling the space with a vibrant glow. Your kitchen is the room where you nurture and replenish, making it the perfect space to add the color pink. Furthermore, depending on the shade you choose, this romantic and versatile color can create a number of different creative looks that are bursting with personality.

Therefore, we have created an amazing ideas how to make your kitchen design look rosy, chick vivacious and modern.

1. Afraid to add to much pink? Start with your walls

By adding a pink wall, it can instantly change the look and feel of your kitchen, adding a warm and comfortable vibe that pairs well with numerous colors and patterns. Painting walls pink, or even just one statement wall, will give your kitchen an instantaneous glow.

A kitchen adorned with pink walls.
Warm and pretty color for walls in your kitchen.

Pair pink walls with white or gray, cabinets or appliances for a sophisticated combination. Pink walls also pair well with complex floor tiles or creative tile backsplashes, making for an unlimited number of unique options when decorating your kitchen.

A kitchen featuring pink walls and furniture.
Vibrant and bright tiles with pastel pink combination.

Additionally, this pastel themed kitchen is decorated with soft and pale tiles matching the modern pink kitchen stools. A pale pink color creates the same neutral backdrop of white paint with just a hint of warmth, leaving you with a calm palette to layer other colors or patterns onto.

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A kitchen with pink stools and chairs.
Delicate and soft pink color tiles with a simple touch of white.

2. Appliances in pink for the kitchen

Looking for a pink piece for your kitchen? You can easily add pink to an existing kitchen installation by introducing pink appliances. Popular in homes of the 60’s and 70’s, colored appliances have made a comeback and are a creative and innovative way to introduce a splash of color to your kitchen. It will immediately catch the eye of anyone who enters.

Pink appliances are surprisingly versatile, pairing with a variety of different colors, textures, and patterns.

Pair pale bright and bold appliances with mint green tiles and elegant black cabinets. This vibrant and delicate color combination creates the perfect balance of colors.

A kitchen with a pink refrigerator and black cabinets, showcasing the use of pink in the kitchen.
Elegant black cabinets in combination with bold pink colored appliances.

Likewise, pink tiles also pair well with complex and creative tiles backsplash of green and white with gray cabinets and delicate pink kettle.

A pink kitchen with chevron tiles.
Modern and unusual combination of green, white and pink tiles.

3. Cabinets in pink

On the other hand, colorful cabinets are not as interchangeable as a set of colorful pots and pans. Yet, cabinets are responsible for a large part of your kitchen’s aesthetic and are a main component of your kitchen decor.

Choose color with light and shade. This neutral, pastel and delicate pink kitchen, decorated with strip lights around the frame of the liner bottom and ceiling line, creates new dimension to the single color.

A pink-walled kitchen with a white counter top.
Minimalist kitchen creates visually interesting tone.

Here, we have a beautiful pastel pink cabinets that look divine in combination with light gray marble worktop.

A kitchen with pink cabinets and a marble counter top, using pink.
Introducing a subtle pink glow.

Moreover, a sweet pastel pink kitchen works well with strong gray concrete wall. Also, the addition of nature’s greenery on the top of the marble worktop, gives it the delicate look.

A kitchen with pink cabinets and white counter tops, incorporating pink in the design.
Pastel pink in a harmony with a gray concrete.

When we first think of a pastel pink kitchens units we might think of more neutral colors to combine with. But, this pastel pink kitchen units look just as good when combined with elegant black or dark gray cabinets.

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A kitchen with pink cabinets and black counter tops, utilizing the color pink.
Adding contrast in order to draw attention.

This L- shaped kitchen arrangement provides an excellent contrast of the color spectrum and ads a touch of drama to it.

A pink kitchen featuring a table and chairs.
Black walls and pale pink creates a brilliant contrast result.

Add a royally feminine touch to your kitchen with pink cabinets paired with warm marble and touches of brilliant gold hardware.

A pink kitchen with marble counter tops and green chairs is perfect for those who want to use pink in their kitchen design.
Create your own fabulous design with this feminine touch.

Overall, pink is a very versatile color, with so many shades and variations to choose from. With so many different colors of pink to choose from, the warming hue can be incorporated into more spaces than one might realize.

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