Guide for 9-to-5ers in Keeping their Home Spick and Span

Keeping your home space spick and span can be quite a challenge at times due to the busy nature of the work you have. Another added factor is the time you spent preparing for work, getting to work, and going home. After hours and hours of work, you are finally at home, worn out and exhausted. That leaves you the only option to have a quick meal and head straight to bed.

Let’s face it, that is how our society works nowadays and with all these, finding time in keeping your home clean and organized may seem to be impossible but fret not. Here in Housance, we’ve got you covered as you we have prepared a list of things busy folks should try on in maintaining cleanliness within your humble abode.

Even The Small Things Matter

One way to start your day right is to fix your bed. Fixing your bed by arranging your pillows, comforter, and even folding up your blankets. If you see some books lying around or anything that seems to fall out of place, fix it. Small clutter like those eventually end up into a pile of unwanted mess and eyesore image to space. A simple habit like these will most likely reinforce yourself into tackling big tasks. If you cannot do the small things, then you will never get the big things right. This is a lesson for you and everyone else. The wisdom of a simple act can get you a long way.

A man tidying up a living room with cleaning supplies, ensuring a spick and span home.

General Cleaning Day

You are busy with work during the weekdays. Then there are these personal matters and all that to attend to on weekends, and simple time management does not seem to make the cut for it. A clever way to go through all that without compromising the household chores you to accomplished is through scheduling a General Cleaning Day.

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It does not hurt to plan your schedule ahead and see where you can make time to sweep and mop the floors, cleaning the bathroom, changing the curtains, emptying the bin and taking out the trash, dusting the cupboards and other furniture and to even anywhere within the four corners of your home. This sort of planning helps you find and allocate time to maintain your home space as it should be. Perhaps dedicating some of your time during holidays solely for this task, or maybe scheduling a general cleaning day every first week of the month.

The Magic of Checklist

Scheduling a general cleaning day does not seem to work out? Well, you could try listing down all the things you need to accomplish. Once everything is on one-pager, you can try to calendarize them next. Dividing and putting them a schedule of your best time to get those done can give the flexibility in organizing your home space and remove all those unwanted elements. This is practically the same as setting up a time and date of overall house cleaning task, but the thing is, instead of getting all those cleaning tasks in one go – you are aiming to cross them out off the list one at a time and on a separate day. It is flexible. It is smart, and it works.

A couple doing exercises in a tidy kitchen.

Home Cleaning Workout

Many of the working professionals are struggling with time. Time for them to have their workout to stay fit, let alone the time in cleaning up their home. Well, there are ways to have your workout done and stay fit while cleaning. Have you ever heard of Cleaning Workout? It is a way to exercise and burn some calories while in the process of making your home spotlessly clean. An example of a simple cleaning workout is emptying the bin and taking out the trash every morning or at night. You could actually turn this activity into simple exercise movements such as walking and stretching.

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Still struggling in making time to clean up your home space and none of the above ideas works for you? What we could suggest is the most viable solution for you to take. That is to hire a professional cleaner to get all the cleaning chores done for you. It may be pricey but it will surely get your home clean.

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