A House With The Best Views: How It Looks Like?

Luxury seaside villa with pool and lounge area.

Plans of a house, there are many on the internet. Good designs of houses there are few. Today we show you some very good houses that surely will not leave you indifferent.

A house with an ocean view.


The exterior of this house allows the full enjoyment of imposing the Mediterranean landscape.

A house with a swimming pool overlooking the sea and mountains.


The house has two floors, both widely open to the bay, which from the pool seems to be within reach.

An outdoor living area with wicker furniture and a pool at a house.


From the summer it is possible to enjoy the unbeatable views of a bay that was almost virgin until a few years ago.

An outdoor patio with wicker furniture and a view of the ocean at a house.


This house has managed to adapt perfectly to the embankment of the hillside, integrating into the mountain and the forest, and looking out to sea.

A house with wicker furniture and a view of the ocean.


Built just over two years ago, it is a house conceived from the beginning to end with a single purpose: to favor the enjoyment of this magnificent setting. That’s why it has so many environments abroad, among them, this large summer dining room.

A house with a white living room and a view of the ocean.


On the side of the mountain and facing a beautiful Mallorcan bay, this house, with very modern architecture, exhibits open and open spaces.

A house with a view of the mountains.


The decoration is integrated into the remarkable predominance of white, which only nuances some compliments, such as the blue cushions by Gervasoni and linen by ML Fabrics, and sisal carpets.

A house with a view of the ocean.


The impression you get when entering this room is that as if by magic, the walls have been turned into crystals to show the silhouette of the mountains and the blue of the sea a little below.

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A house with a view of the ocean.


 The complete central island with large drawers gathers two zones of water and one of cooking, with a hood embedded in the ceiling that goes unnoticed.

A white kitchen in a house with a wooden table and chairs.


 The white of the furniture and the absence of handles lighten its dimensions. For the countertop, a natural stone of a soft cream has been chosen to match the floor. Which adds a note of warmth in an environment so diaphanous and dominated by white.

A white dining room in a house with a view of the ocean.


 The large wooden dining table, which comes from Becara, and the Ikea Henriksdal chairs, with linen covers, contrast in style with the twin ceiling lamps.

A house with a bedroom and a wooden bed.


Wellness, relaxation, relaxation and pure hedonism are some of the words that can be associated with this magnificent suite that looks out.

A white bedroom with a view of the ocean in a house.


Taking a bath here is the closest thing to immerse yourself in the sea, which is a few steps away.

A house with a white bathroom featuring a bathtub and sink.


A fixed sheet of glass protects the shower from splashes while allowing light to pass without problems. With this same purpose, a plan of low walls conceals the toilet of the view without subtracting an apex of clarity.

A house with a view of the ocean.


And next to the bedroom and the bathtub, a relaxing chair, plus a small dressing table for the beauty care of the owner of the house.

To say that the best thing about this house is the views would be to commit an injustice of tom and loin. Because the construction, white and discreet, is just what the environment demands, and its interiors, spacious and clean, are perfect.

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But it would also be true to not place your situation in the first place, flying over the entrance of a Mallorcan bay, with the deep blue Mediterranean as a backdrop. In short, a wonder.

And a great example of architecture design according to a portentous scenario. And in that very wise alliance between the natural landscape and human work, we will focus.

From outside to inside, because like this, seen from the outside, the house tries to look simple and modest, so as not to take away a bit of prominence from the mountain, the pines and the sea.

The Construction

It is a rectilinear construction of two floors and a roof, with no more frills than the necessary and abundant handrails (as sober as the house itself) because its position on the slope is as exceptional as dizzying.

The ground floor opens in successive windows to a porch and the pool, with a rectangular and overflowing glass, so that entering its waters is almost like doing it in the same sea that we see below. A luxury.

The second floor follows the same lines: the façade that faces the sea is pure glass from the ceiling to the floor and communication with the outside is absolute. It is here where the different environments to be, to eat and to cook are ready without separation.

A huge corner sofa forms a U around a white table (white like the upholstery, like walls and ceilings, like the kitchen itself), a place to chat and enjoy the landscape without any obstacle.

In reality, the most remarkable thing is that continuity, the succession of areas of different use, the open space, the transparent atmosphere, the voluntary and happy submission of the interior to the Mediterranean domain.

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And within that general framework, some observations that come to mind. For example, the use of bush-hammered natural stone (for those who do not know it: it is the technical name of a finish that turns the surface of the stone into rough to avoid landslides and facilitate maintenance) on the floor of the entire house.

The Interior And Exterior

Inside and outside, you can see in the photo of the pool because the stone reaches right to the edge of the water. Another example, in this case, offered by the furniture: notice that in the furniture of the interior spaces the white predominates, both in upholstery as in the tables and in the furniture of the kitchen.

However, in the outdoor areas of the two plants, the main materials are vegetable fibers and wood, thus introducing the color of nature in the whiteness of the construction. And to finish with these last notes, heavens, what a bedroom, what a bathtub, what a marvel of wonders!

We know, it is necessary to have those views first, but once they are achieved, there is no other way but to praise the taste of the person who designed this space. And to dream that it can be ours, that dreaming is free.

What spaces in the house have you found most beautiful? Tell us in the Comments of this article!

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