6 Bathroom Mirror Placement Ideas that are Out of This World

Just “any mirror on the wall” doesn’t serve your interior design right when there are more than half-a-dozen unique bathroom mirror ideas to try.

Still, many homeowners don’t think a mirror can make a significant statement in their interior design, but at Housance, we say placement is everything!

A bathroom with stylish mirror ideas.

Of course, it’s all about the arrangement because you don’t really have an array of options when it comes to mirror designs, as you do with stuff like tiles.

A mirror is just a mirror, but a unique arrangement and some custom-styling can make one result look out-of-the-world, put side by side with those run-of-the-mill installations.

Creative and Unique Bathroom Mirror Ideas

A bathroom with two sinks and two mirrors, perfect for exploring bathroom mirror ideas.

A bathroom with white cabinets, marble counter tops, and mirror ideas.

So are you ready for a new look? Well, let’s get down to business.

1. Mirror Into the Wall (recessed mirror)

A modern bathroom with wooden floors and innovative bathroom mirror ideas.

You can recess deep into the wall instead of mounting your mirror on a leveled wall surface.

This different than usual placement gives a one-of-a-kind look to your bathroom while offering extra storage space. Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment, the recess could be of any shape.

2. The Full-Body Mirror

A modern bathroom with wooden cabinets and a large tub featuring stylish bathroom mirror ideas.

A bathroom with a bathtub and wooden cabinets.

Commonly known to you as the floor-to-ceiling mirror, the full-body version is a sexy touch to your bathroom—especially if you fancy the pleasure of making love in this area.

You can install it in patches like tiles or have a single tall mirror that fits whatever space you choose to occupy.

3. A Suspended Mirror 

A bathroom with mirrors and jacuzzi tub.

Mounting is all that comes to mind when we think of mirrors, but what if you do not have a wall? Well, you can always take a different approach and have yours hanging from the ceiling. Or, if you like, customize a hanging place for your mirror by building rails onto your walls.

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Also, be sure to secure your mirrors firmly to avoid swinging and reduce the risk of falling.

4. Mirrors at an angle

A bathroom with brown cabinets and marble counter tops featuring stylish mirror ideas.

A white bathroom with two sinks and a bathtub, featuring stylish bathroom mirror ideas.

Both rustic, modern, and futuristic bathrooms can benefit from the idea of a slanted mirror.

Installing your mirror(s) at an angle is also a clever way to build a child-friendly sink—which your son or daughter can use easily without the need to adjust.

5. A Statement Mirror amid Patches of Mirrors

An aesthetically pleasing bathroom with green tile and mirrors to inspire creative mirror ideas.

Installing one centerpiece amid smaller patches of mirrors is another way to decorate your bathroom without compromising on purpose.

The statement mirror is for your use while the smaller pieces (1) light up your bathroom further, and (2) serve a decorative purpose.

6. Mirror in front of a Mirror

A bathroom with decorative mirrors and a chandelier.

Layering mirrors is a design statement not seen in many homes and an excellent way to make your sink area a point of focus.

This can be done in many different ways. You can either arrange multiple square mirrors in layers (to enjoy multiple reflections) or mount one stylishly framed mirror in front of a large one.

Why These Bathroom Mirror Ideas Matter

A black and white tiled bathroom floor with mirror.

These new mirror arrangements can help you achieve a brand new look if you are tired of the ordinary.

This project is worth your time because;

  1. It is a cheap DIY project
  2. Mirrors add function and lighting to your bathroom
  3. A unique arrangement adds your entire bathroom a whole new look
  4. Some arrangements can make your tiny bathroom look larger

A modern bathroom with two sinks and mirror ideas.

And finally, these bathroom mirror ideas matter because no single placement can fit all designs. Be sure to choose an arrangement that fits your space, matches your design, and serves its purpose.

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