Relax At Home With A Whirlpool Bath


There’s nothing greater than updating your traditional bathtub or shower for a relaxing whirlpool spa bath. Available in all styles and in all budgets, from simple bathtub upgrades to the ultimate in home luxury, whirlpool baths are a great way to unwind and escape without leaving your own home.

Sunken whirlpool baths give a seamless and minimal style. Any unsightly fixtures can be hidden and your room feels larger and lighter.

A sunken whirlpool bath and muted tones make this bathroom perfect for relaxation (
If you prefer decorative styles, a sunken whirlpool bath can give you more space for colour and art (

If you can’t quite give up your shower for convenience, there are ways to combine your shower with a luxury whirlpool bath. Even a simple partition and a wall mounted shower unit can transform your space into a multifunctional bathroom feature.

Luxury does not need to take away function and space, there are solutions for every lifestyle (
Add a waterfall shower above the bath for complete glamour and uniqueness (

Given the right surroundings, a whirlpool bath can be the key feature in a room that screams luxury. Take inspiration from the world’s greatest spas on how to decorate your bathroom for complete indulgence.

A pool with a view! This sunken whirlpool bath overlooks a gorgeous beach to provide you with inimitable luxe (
This wooden whirlpool bath and bohemian interior design provides the ultimate tropical escape (

Even if you’re short on space, whirlpool baths don’t have to be extravagant and are widely available to cover all budgets and sizes. Upgrade your small bath for a modern tub that comes with built in whirlpool spa features.

This small bath has the contemporary appearance of a plunge pool, but has all the features and style qualities of a luxury whirlpool bath (


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