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A collage of pictures showcasing the 7 deadly sins of home decorating in a living room.

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Home Decorating

There are 7 deadly sins of home decorating which you should avoid! When you commit these sins, they make your space look boring, stuffy, and outdated. On the other hand, they could make your home just look overdone or wacky!  Together let’s take a look.

Sin 1 – Painting Without Trying a Color Swatch First!

The first deadly sin is painting your entire space without trying out a color swatch. Because paint is a different color after it dries, this could be a recipe for disaster!

A paint roller adding black paint on a white wall, demonstrating one of the 7 deadly sins of home decorating.
DO: Save yourself time and frustration. Swatch a large part of your wall to make sure you love the color.

Sin 2 – Taxidermy Overload

Yes, country chic is still trending hot. But stuffing a room with antlers and deer heads does not equal chic. One focal piece of tasteful taxidermy is all you really need.

A fireplace featuring a deer head, embodying the 7 deadly sins of home decorating.
DO: Because country chic is still on trend, you can use a tasteful taxidermy piece. Photo Credit: Life in Camo
A room full of deer heads and other items showcasing the 7 deadly sins of home decorating.
Taxidermy Overload

Sin 3 – Don’t Position All The Furniture Against Your Walls

I know, that you faithful Livinator readers know, that you shouldn’t rim the walls of your room with furnishings. It’s awkward and not inviting for guests. Even if you can’t pull every piece of furniture out due to space constraints, a slight angle to one or two will do the trick.

A living room showcasing striped chairs and a bookcase, highlighting the importance of avoiding the 7 deadly sins of home decorating.
DO: When you position furniture out from the walls, it is more comfortable and encourages social interactions. Photo Credit: The English Sofa Company
An extravagant living room with a plush couch and a cozy fireplace, embodying opulence and lust.
This diagram illustrates how far out from the wall your couch should be. Photo Credit: Homedit

Sin 4 – Incorrectly Hung Curtains

There are two pockets sewn across the top of rod pocket style curtains. The top one is meant to ruffle or pleat the curtain tops. The second one is to slide the rod through. Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know this!

A bedroom showcasing one of the 7 deadly sins of home decorating.
DO: Put your curtain rod through that lower pocket. Or, opt for tab-top or grommet-top curtains. Photo Credit: Morrell Photo Works
What are the different types of curtains among the 7 deadly sins of home decorating?
Opt for the curtain style that suits you, then hang it correctly! Photo Credit: House of Home

Sin 5 – A Shabby Front Door

A shabby front door with cracked, peeling, or faded paint is always a no-no. This gives a poor first impression of your home!

A house with a colorful door and classic columns.
DO: Because you want to make a “splash” with your first impression, use a trend color. Sherwin-Williams Oceanside is perfect! |Photo: DIY Home & Garden

Tip 6 – Faux Flowers = Faux Pas

While we all want to incorporate nature into our decor, faux flowers aren’t natural. They’re plastic and nylon. Enough said.

How to upcycle your old bicycle
Three vases of flowers on a table featuring home decorating.
DO: Channel your inner Martha. Of course, you’ll choose fresh local wildflowers from your own region. The simple glass jars are perfect. Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Sin 7 – Insufficient Lighting

When you don’t plan correctly, you can be left with insufficient lighting. This leaves a room barely functional.

Keywords: living room, couches
DO: Strike a balance between overhead lighting, reading lamps, and accent lights. Photo Credit: HGTV

In conclusion, you should always think through your decorating plan. This will help you avoid the 7 deadly sins of home decorating.

A living room showcasing stylish couches and a cozy fireplace, while avoiding the 7 deadly sins of home decorating.
This decorator pulled off a fantastic living room. | Photo: HGTV

2 thoughts on “Tasteful Decorating With Taxidermy – Home Decorating”

  1. Pamela Rosenberg

    Interesting post except I disagree with the faux flowers. Sometimes we want something green with movement and organic but live plants just don’t work. We have two homes and there is no way to keep them alive while we are away without hiring someone to come in and care for them. That seems cost prohibitive. As does, replacing them monthly. There are some very realistic options out there now. I will oftentimes plant them in real dirt to dial up the realness factor. I agree there are a lot of bad Home Goods options out there but with a little hunting there are some passable faux options.

    1. Hi, Pam. Thanks for the comment. In your situation, you’re right. When you maintain two homes live plants don’t work. It sounds like you’re choosing high quality faux plants and flowers over the fake-looking plastic ones, which were the ones I had in mind when I gave this advice. However, fresh flowers and plants are always the best option whenever possible. Happy decorating!

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