10 Early Season Gardening Plants and Flowers


It’s still cold outside, and snow is still flying in some parts of the world! But it’s not too early to have the itch to get outside and get in the garden! Once the snow gives way to the first hint of spring, here are 10 early season gardening plants and flowers to try for yourself.

  1. Lettuce

    early season
    Lettuce is an early-season favorite. If you plant a cut-and-come-back variety like leaf lettuce, you’ll enjoy a several week long harvest. Replace it with a summer crop in May. | Old Farmers Almanac
  2. Spinach

    early season gardening
    Another early season gardening staple, plant spinach to make a variety of dishes.| Old Farmers Almanac
  3. Peas

    early spring gardening
    Of course, English peas and snap peas varieties are an early spring classic. They are hardy and love the cool spring weather.|Adaptive Seeds
  4. Pansies

    If you add pansies to your landscape early, you can have a sea of color to brighten up those still short days! | The Spruce
  5. Snapdragons

    early season garden
    Like pansies, snapdragons are your opportunity to add cheerful color in the early spring. |The Spruce
  6. Swiss Chard

    Swiss chard. Yet another leafy green that thrives in early spring. | Paleo Plan
  7. Parsley

    early season gardening
    Plant parsley early. This hardy herb will last from spring through fall with a little TLC. | Old Farmers Almanac
  8. Geranium

    While they aren’t likely to bloom in the spring, plant your geraniums! They don’t mind the cool weather and their roots will be stronger if planted earlier. They will be sure to give you a great show of color all summer long. | Old Farmers Almanac
  9. Kale

    Kale’s another definite cool-season green. It gets tough and bitter in hot weather, so stick with cool season crops.|Mind Body Green
  10. Dianthus

    From early spring until mid-autumn, dianthus comes in a multitude of colors to suit every garden. | The Spruce

Armed with this info, feel free to head out to your local garden center as soon as the snow melts! Prepare your gardens! These plants thrive in the cool temperatures and rainy days. You’ll enjoy gardening again very soon!


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