Creating an Outdoor Vertical Garden

Outdoor vertical gardens are not only gaining recognition, but are rising in popularity as well. They are perfect for any house, as they require vertical space, relying only on area that is on walls or fences. This means that you don’t need a humongous backyard to grow your dream flower, spice or vegetable garden. It’s foundation is based upon something that all buildings have, so you’re already set with the first component. There isn’t one set way that you can create these, and they can have whatever function you desire. It’s completely up to you to make this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. To help get you started, we’ve found the top three uses that you can choose for your outdoor vertical garden.

One option is to create wall art. Generally this is done with flowers, but you may add spices if you’re daring enough. This is mostly for aesthetic purposes, enhancing your home or apartment’s outer appeal. You can do this on any wall, although the majority of people do it on their back wall, as that is where most socializing occurs. To do this, you’ll have to pick flowers that don’t require much work or come back annually so you aren’t stuck with constant pruning or having to replace them every year. After that, pick a design and lay it out, figuring out what flowers will make the design work. Then you set it up and water the flowers and then you’ll be on your way to a wonderful piece of natural art!

Another outdoor vertical garden you can create is a spice and herb garden. This isn’t for visually pleasing reasons, rather to supply you with spices you will use for cooking. Despite that, you can make it organized with a beautiful design. Most opt to have their spices based at an angle with the wall, around 45 degrees. This allows for easy cutting, while keeping the spices and fertilizer in place.

Lastly, and similar to the first, is growing flowers in this outdoor vertical garden. This option is more for the purpose of growing flowers, and not to act as a natural, aesthetic focal point. You do this in a form like the spice garden, where plants are 45 degrees to the wall, and from there you just plan where you want each flowers.


Whether you decide to create a focal point, grow herbs or plant flowers, this vertical garden is a wonderful way to add some living scenery onto your house while not using up any socializing space in your backyard.

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