Your First Non-dorm Home

A home with white furniture and a plant.

You must be board of watching the plain white walls all around you along with a white board, mini fridge and plain long sheets. In this article we have discussed some decorating tips for your new grown-up home.


The colour of the wall is the most essential aspect in any home. Even though most of the rental properties do not allow the residents to paint the wall but sometimes one has to do what he wishes. Go for a bold colour with rich hue which will make the room or place cosy and will change the whole spectrum of the room.A blue-themed bedroom in a home.


Get proper curtains and curtains will give a room/house a more grown-up look. Opt for fabric curtains that give a luxurious structure and colour to the room.A home with white furniture and a plant.


Try to choose neutral colours and mix and match it with different bright colours. This combination is somehow always in fashion and is approved by most of the designers. It will look luxurious even if you buy mass-market pieces.A cozy home with a gray couch and pink flowers.


Rugs are the epitome of artwork for the floor. Rooms that have several layers feel more sophisticated than the room with only one dimension. Area rugs can define different places in a room and they provide colour, pattern and texture.A colorful dining room at home.

DIY Architecture

If you prefer white walls then try to paint something on the wall by yourself. Give it some architectural merit. One of the way is to paint black lines that move through the room which then creates interest. Two beds in a cozy home with red and white stripes.

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