How to Design a Small Space

A small living room with a wooden wall and a fireplace.

Don’t try to play safe, don’t try to cram everything in one room, and don’t paint the walls white!

Place a printed fabric or wallpaper on the walls and even the ceilings. It is less dramatic, easier and is safe in a small space. There is a chance that you may get annoyed by looking at the bold print in the living area but this print makes the room an exciting place to spend time in.A small living room with beige walls and white furniture.

A large piece of furniture can make a small space look large as long as the piece of furniture is selected carefully. For example, if you have a benefit of high ceiling, a tall cabinet placed appropriately will make a person look upwards rather than on the small footprint of the room. Make sure that every piece has its own place and makes your eyes feel at rest.A small living room with a wooden wall and a fireplace.

Decide that everything needs to happen in a room and then work on it accordingly. Divide the small space into geometrically tasked zones such as working, sleeping, relaxing and dining. Assign a function to each section.A small pink and white bedroom with a desk and bookshelf.

Do not give enough attention to the colour of walls and flooring. Lighter walls and lighter floors make a room look spacious.A small living room with a bed and a couch.

People think that they need to use small and lighter colour furniture in order to make a room look huge however according to designer Mona Hajj, dark colours and a few pieces of large-scale furniture with appropriate lighting and accessories can make a room look large and give it a more luxurious feel. A small yellow room with a table and chairs.

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