Stylish Apartment Interiors

Beautiful apartment interior
Beautiful apartment interior (home-designing)

Apartment interiors can teach us much about designing for smaller spaces.  When you conduct most of your living in one room and have to get the most from less area, this teaches you the importance of space planning and editing. Granted, some apartments are quite generous of space.  Here is a selection of stylish apartment interiors to inspire you to achieve a greater understanding of space and how to effectively get the look you want.

Fresh modern apartment style
Fresh modern apartment style (home-designing)

Keep the color palette simple to gain visual space and take advantage of wall space.  Contrary to what many believe, a few large pieces of furniture take up less visual space than many smaller pieces.

Apartment interior
Apartment interior (home-designing)
Apartment interior
Apartment interior (

This space boasts exceptional natural charm, thanks to the combination of an exposed brick wall and elegant wood flooring. Although compact in size, the area exudes a sense of openness and airiness. This spacious atmosphere can be attributed to the thoughtful use of a light color palette, as well as the incorporation of furniture featuring visible legs. Together, these design elements effectively enhance and expand the space.

Cozy apartment interior
Cozy apartment interior (

On the opposite front, there’s nothing wrong with creating a very cozy space, as this one illustrates.  The black background of the area rug defines the space and the floral pattern adds a pop of color.

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This small apartment packs big style
This small apartment packs big style (houseinteriordesignnews.blogspot)

Don’t be afraid to use bold color and pattern in smaller spaces.  Again, including furniture pieces with visible legs opens up the space.  Dark walls here are accented with white curtain panels so the room still feels open and bright.

Stylish apartment interior
Stylish apartment interior (idesignarch)

Kitchen, dining and living areas are all open in this space and a great flow is created with similar wood tones on cabinetry and furnishings.  Windows are left bare to take advantage of natural light.

Fresh modern apartment interior
Fresh modern apartment interior (idesignarch)

This spacious luxury apartment features multiple points of light for artwork, surrounding the room in illumination.  Dark leather seating is kept light with visible legs and a cream area rug.

Stylish apartment interior
Stylish apartment interior (ative-jobs)

This charming space makes use of architectural features to define spaces and a flow of color to connect them.

Cozy and stylish apartment interior
Cozy and stylish apartment interior (dharthouse)

A more minimal look opens up this space further.  Only essential seating and very few decorative accents give this apartment a very clean look.  The striped rug lends interest and color to the space.

Minimalist apartment interior
Minimalist apartment interior (vrbo)

A beautiful color scheme, clean lines and rich wood enhance this nature-inspired apartment.  Pattern comes into play with the sofa, area rug and white-trimmed cabinet.  This space has a very fresh vibe that flows throughout the living, dining and kitchen areas.

Nature-inspired apartment interior
Nature-inspired apartment interior (Source: LiLu Interiors)

This apartment has immense charm and character from traditional architecture.  Achieve a lived-in look with comfortable seating and a few key decorative accents.  Mirrors open up the space more.

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Charming apartment interior
Charming apartment interior (nytimes)

Glossy surfaces, glass-paneled rooms and streamlined furnishings contribute to this apartment’s sleek modern appeal.

Minimalist apartment interior
Minimalist apartment interior (caandesign)

There is much to do with smaller spaces typical of apartments.  Blending rooms seamlessly while defining spaces in an open plan can be accomplished with smart furniture arrangement.  Editing your decorative accents and using fewer large pieces versus many smaller pieces of furniture is key to successful space management.  The apartment can be a cozy or airy space that is stylish and comfortable.



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