Ethereal Rooms to Make Your Home a Sanctuary

Elegant living room with modern furniture and luxury decor.

Many people consider their home a sanctuary. It is a place that offers refuge from the world at large.  A place where you can let your guard down and unwind from a hard day.  Home is a place where you feel welcomed, surrounded by the objects, people, and perhaps pets, that you love.

There are many ways to create your personal sanctuary, but a calming and soothing retreat often comes to mind for many.  Here are some rooms that offer just that…ethereal settings to put you into a world of relaxation and calm.

A serene sanctuary with a fireplace and a view of the ocean.
A fresh, soothing interior creates a calming home sanctuary (

A room washed in natural light is a sure way to achieve an ethereal environment.  Blended with soft and light colors, a room bathed in light is a breath of fresh air for the senses.

A sanctuary of white furniture and a chandelier.
Soft grays and white create an ethereal living room (Nashville Interiors Magazine)

A balance of hard and soft gives a room balance.  Wood furnishings with warm wood tones combined with softer upholstered pieces is welcoming.  Add smooth white curtain panels and explore other areas of the room for ways to mute hard edges.

A modern sanctuary with white furniture and a staircase in the living room.

Lofty ceilings give a space an airy feel.  A room dominated by rounded curves and circular shapes lends softness and a touch of whimsy.

A large sanctuary with stairs.
A home sanctuary for calming, soothing retreat (Denoit)

Small rooms are cozy and inviting.  Lighten up the space with plenty of natural light and soft colors.  Add color and definition with accessories.

A sanctuary-like living room with white furniture and a blue fireplace.
Elegance in soothing tones (Home Bunch)

Don’t restrict your ethereal sanctuary with solids.  Bold patterns in softer hues give the space personality.  When combined with a beautiful area rug and mirrors, the pattern in this room is balanced and lighter, visually melting into the rug.

A dining room transformed into a sanctuary with mirrors and a dining table.
Ethereal home sanctuaries don’t have to be boring (Home and Décor, Singapore)

This ceiling accented with a celestial paint treatment and reflective orb pendant lights gives you the sensation of floating on the clouds.  Soft curved furnishings frame the space.

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A sanctuary with grey couches and a chandelier.
Beautiful and soothing home sanctuary (

Minimal accessories and plenty of soft pillows offer a place to relax.  Soft gray and white are relaxing and soothing to the eye. Imagine the comfort you would find in one of the finest vacation rentals in London, and demand the same from your very own home.

A serene living room with a staircase in the middle.
Just say “ahhhh….” when you enter this soothing home sanctuary (Interior Design Ideas)

Add items you love to your space to create the ultimate personal sanctuary.  Combined with pale colors and softness underfoot, your room is a pleasing escape.

A sanctuary-like living room with white furniture and a fireplace.
Create a calming retreat with items you love and soothing colors (

A light-filled room saturated in white is soothing and relaxing.  Add metallic pieces and warm neutral tones for a bit of soft contrast.  Furniture with visible legs keeps the room light and airy.

A sanctuary with a fireplace and white furniture.
Peaceful and gracious living room (Hello Lovely)

Lush cream combines well with pastel colors and adds elegance to this room.

A sanctuary-like living room with blue walls and white furniture.
Relax and enjoy a touch of elegance in a home sanctuary (splendidsass.blogspot)

Dine in ethereal sophistication.  Weathered pieces dominate this dining room and a linen tablecloth softens the space.  Plenty of natural light enhances the crystal chandelier and wall sconces.

A tranquil sanctuary with white chairs and a chandelier.
Extend an ethereal touch into every room of the home (Architectural Digest)

A home that floats in the clouds above the city is one way to enjoy an ethereally fresh space.  Framed with soft cream window panels, this room exudes elegance.  Comfort is key with a large sofa accented with cozy throws and pillows.

A sanctuary with large windows overlooking the city.
Surround yourself in soft furnishings for a comfortable home sanctuary (6sqft)

Feel your blood pressure drop and the tension release from your shoulders as you enter this space.  Soft panels frame the windows, a cushy rug is underfoot and cozy chairs welcome you.  Allow your senses a break with a simple palette of cream.

A sanctuary with white furniture and a fireplace.
Frame the room in light curtain panels for a soft look (Decoist)

This immaculate room of soft ivory is elegant and soothing.  Surround yourself with luxury to create a soothing retreat.

A sanctuary with white furniture and a fireplace.
A cream color palette makes for a dreamy, ethereal interior (Houzz)

Simple lines and minimal accents give this room tranquility.  Perfect symmetry with the sofas and mirrors enhances the simplicity for a relaxing space.  Soft colors are radiant and fresh in the natural light.

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A living room with white furniture and a fireplace that creates a cozy sanctuary.
Simple lines and minimal accents can give a space tranquility (Decorpad)

Sophisticated elegance bathed in natural light gives this room an ethereal glow.  This room stuns with refined furnishings, lovely architectural details and accents of gold.

A white sanctuary with a fireplace.
Elegance prevails in this sophisticated room of soft colors (Home Bunch)

Make your home a sanctuary with a soothing palette, comfortable seating and items that you hold dear.  Keep out clutter and bathe the room in soft natural light for an airy feel.  Whispers of white, pale blue and gray exude an ethereal elegance that will give your sanctuary a luxurious and relaxing appeal.

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