The Bean Bag Chair is Stylish Again!

It’s true: the bean bag, which was once a staple of American homes with children who needed a comfortable place to lounge on the floor, is now a stylish piece of furniture that even adults are choosing with purpose. Just look at the Yogibo vs Moon Pod battle to see how popular these bean-filled chairs have become. No matter what your style is, there’s a bean bag chair that will look fabulous in your home. You don’t even have to get involved in the Yogibo vs Moon Pod debate to find a fantastic and stylish bean bag chair.

Chair-Shaped Bean Bag Chairs

Using a filler called expanded polypropylene (EPP) beads, manufacturers of bean bag chairs have elevated the humble round bean bag to new heights. Since these beads can be heated, shaped, then cooled to that shape, they can make a bean bag chair look like an actual chair. Not only will these chairs be the most comfortable in your living room, but they’ll look like they belong there as well, coming in all types of materials including faux fur, leather, and crushed velvet. Simply find the color that matches your scheme and you’ll have comfortable seating for everyone.

Lounging Bean Bag Chairs

If you do want to have bean bag chairs scattered around your floor for your children or extra houseguests, there are plenty of options at your disposal. For instance the Yogibo Max is essentially an extra-large pillow that can be leaned on by several people or laid on by a single person. Since it conforms to the body’s shape, it can even serve as an additional bed if you need one. In fact, the person who gets to sleep on the Yogibo may never want to sleep in a regular bed again! Even better is that it will look great in the living room or anywhere else in your house.

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Round Bean Bag Chairs

Keeping the traditional round shape of a bean bag chair is fine, too, especially because there are so many different fabrics that can make even this basic piece of furniture look elegant. Believe it or not, but the first bean bag-type chair was introduced in 1968 in Italy as a new type of seating. It was never meant to be a casual option for floor loungers, but for a while, that’s exactly what they became. Now, though, you can get a round bean bag that adds an interesting accent to your room or one that is actually the main feature. Usually, this depends on the size you choose, but the material is important as well. A small, fuzzy bean bag may add an element of fun to your design, whereas a giant corduroy bean bag is meant to create conversation.

Novelty Bean Bag Chairs

A quirky style requires quirky furniture, and novelty bean bag chairs are just the extra touch you need to make your space uniquely yours. You can find bean bag chairs in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including animal shapes, movie-themed shapes, flower shapes, and even food shapes! So, if you’re decorating a room in a theme, there’s certain to be a bean bag chair to match. 

A woman seated on a bean bag chair in a room.

Often, novelty bean bags are reserved for children, since they come in a variety of shapes that are designed to attract kids. Animals are popular, but there are endless possibilities ranging from cartoon characters and Disney princesses to emojis and sports equipment (baseball gloves, basketballs, footballs, etc.). If you’re having trouble keeping your kids from sitting (or jumping) on your formal furniture, get them a novelty bean bag chair of their own so they are more likely to use that than other seating options. 

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Other Types of Stylish Bean Bag Chairs

Of course, there are dozens of other types of bean bag chairs on the market that can add a little flare to any room. For instance, cube-shaped bean bag chairs provide a nice place to rest your feet while you’re sitting on a couch or chair, but they can also provide extra seating if you have guests. Bean bag chairs made specifically for gamers are another popular type of char that provides added support for those long video gaming sessions. 

Covers for Bean Bags

One of the best ways to make a bean bag chair look stylish in your house is to carefully select its cover. These days, because most bean bag chairs have a liner plus a cover, it’s not difficult to change covers to match your decor. Simply find the cover that matches your bean bag in size and shape, pull out the liner that contains the filler, and put the new cover over the liner. No matter how formal or informal you want your bean bag chair to be, there’s a cover for you: vinyl, leather, corduroy, denim, suede, cotton, crushed velvet, and more. 


Bean bag chairs have been around for decades, but they’ve never looked as modern and stylish as they do today. Don’t dismiss adding a bean bag chair to your seating options, especially since they can be extremely comfortable. You’ll be glad you have one when it’s time for you to relax for the day.

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