How to change your decor for a minimum of expenses

Seasonal changes sometimes rhyme with the desire to change the scene . In winter, the cocooning spirit quickly takes its place with its big woolly throws warm, soft and inviting cushions.

But that’s not all, what to do with all that he has around these decorative objects? And how not to risk dropping his budget?

Here are some economic little things that I use at home and that work every time!

The painting effect

A child standing on a ladder next to a painted moon, showcasing affordable decor options.

I’m sure you’ve heard of it before. Why am I talking to you here? Simply for its versatile side that offers the ability to draw or write on your walls your desires and inspirations of the moment. See your decoration be renewed as often as you want without spending anything!

Dare the accessories

Four pictures of a living room with blue and white decor, demonstrating how to change your decor for a minimum of expenses.

I love decor accessories. I think they bring personality, warmth and friendliness to a room.

My thing is to buy over several years (I work by favorites and sparingly so as not to make the budget). I choose simple, timeless, themes and colors vary.

It is easy for me to change the decoration of a room by simply replacing my accessories.

Change the color of your environment

An orange living room with a white chair that changes your decor on a minimum budget.

Another thing that seems obvious at first glance to change the look of a room: repainting. Simply.

In decoration, painting is a very affordable aspect compared to the effect it brings to a room. Under you feel ready to change the dynamics of your environment, it’s time to take the test!

Empty and unclutter up your space to transform. You can, depending on the desired effect, paint all your walls or focus on a single wall with a touch of color. Or, draw attention to an architectural detail by emphasizing it with color.

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Not certain about the choice of color (s)? Be aware that most home centers or deco shops offer paint samples to guide you.

To test a color, apply 2 coats on your surface to paint, let it dry and contemplate the color in natural daylight, as well as in the evening with your artificial lighting. Before you pay for a full gallon, you’ll know if you like it or not!

Use stencils to texture

How to change your decor with a minimum of expenses in a blue and white bedroom.

The color on your walls still pleases you, but you still want to add a little punch ? For a partial change, use stencils.

They will have the effect of creating a touch of novelty in the room by imitating the principle of wallpaper. A transformation such as this one can have a great impact on your decor, without costing a lot of money

Add a touch of green

An affordable table displaying terrariums and plants for decorating on a budget.

To make your decor a little more alive, nothing better than vegetation!

Whether you have a weakness for succulents or cacti, select your greenery according to your expertise. Some plants require more or less maintenance. Inquire during your purchases to keep them as long as possible (watering, location, shade, light, etc.).

Well presented in a nice pot, plants will integrate quickly into your decor! Do you lack space? Get yourself a terrarium, which requires little care and little space.

Did you know that some plants had depolluting properties? When we consider that some studies have shown that the air inside our house was 100 times more polluted than the outside air, it may be interesting to think about it!

Nature in the service of your home

Transform your living room with a budget-friendly update using a gray couch and pillows.

During a mountain walk or an expedition to the countryside, take the opportunity to collect some natural elements that you could incorporate into your decor.

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Tree branches, logs, shells, foliage, flowers … The possibilities are many, let your creativity go!

That said, pay attention to what you pick up. Some species of plants or shells are protected; stick to them! Ditto for the wood. Inquire before leaving with a log and especially, make sure that it is not inhabited …

Change your way of lighting

Affordable living room decor with a coffee table and a lamp.

The well-studied lighting is a major asset in decoration. This can change the appearance of a room. The use of various light sources according to your needs or activities is often recommended.

In a living room, for example, a lamp placed near the sofa will be appreciated for reading. However, when viewing a movie, it is the mood lighting that will be essential (suspensions, floor lamp, etc.).

Multiply your light sources and take advantage of them to use them as decorative accessories.

Modernize your furniture

A white dining room with a wooden table and stools, showcasing affordable decor changes.

By simply replacing a piece of furniture in your dining room set (1 chair or 2, for example) in a different style, you could change the effect of the room.

The trend of repainted furniture still beats its peak; take the opportunity to update your furniture at a lower cost while staying in the wind!

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