Ways to Make an Apartment feel like Home

Ways to Make an Apartment feel like Home

Most rental apartments come with strict terms on their rental agreements. As a result, it becomes hard to make the apartment feel like home without breaking the terms of the agreement. Fortunately, there are some quick yet simple ways to add flair and personalize your apartment to make it feel like home within a budget.

It is important to understand the terms of your rental contract and get to know what your landlord permits. Remember to ask your management’s permission before embarking on any changes.

Here are our well-researched tips to make a rented house feel like home.

Add more lighting

To make your home brighter and lovely, it would be a great idea to set up some more lights across your rooms. Not only will it add aesthetics, but it will also increase energy in your home, making it much warmer.

Do not forget that electricity is very dangerous, and it would need professional skills to set up.

Add accessories

It is always the small additions that make a space fabulous. Accessories such as removable wallpaper, photos, or colorful rags will add color and personalize your home. Books are also a great addition bringing an aesthetic touch when organized well. You can arrange them to color coordinate or according to their sizes. Colorful rags will also be a great addition to accessories in your home. They will also provide much-needed warmth to your home during winter.

Add Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers will make your apartment feel like home. They give your apartment a comforting feel bringing life to your space. Many plants also remove toxins and help clean the air around your home. Depending on your desired look, you can choose either faux plants or real plants. Although, a blend of both would be amazing for any space. You can always try different types, from potted plants to trailing plants that grow on walls.

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Add Plants and flowers

Avoid bulky furniture

Huge and bulky furniture can take up plenty of space in a small apartment, making it feel squeezed and tiny. A great option will be to go for smaller furniture like an armchair. You can as well use smaller tables rather than a big coffee table. Arrange your furniture in a centered position. Ensure you consider traffic to your living area while creating conversation areas. Avoid pushing furniture towards the wall, which will reduce dead space around your living area.

Add some textiles

Textiles are mistaken as an afterthought or last step in home design that should not be the case. Instead, textiles such as throw pillows, blankets, or colorful towels can highlight a color palette to build upon when designing. To create a sense of contrast, the best idea is to mix and match different textures throughout your space for a brighter touch.

Be creative with adding storage

Quite a number of rented homes often lack adequate storage space, leading to unnecessary clutter. To get enough space in your house, use shelf risers that double your storage space. You can as well use adhesive hooks and screw hooks under shelves and cabinets to maximize storage. Adding furniture that can help with storage will also declutter your home and create more space.

Switch it up with a paint job

Changing the paint job in a house can make a beautiful improvement, making your house more personalized to your design. If the apartment management does not permit you to change the paint, it will be great to paint your furniture instead. Coffee tables, bookshelves, and chairs will make your space cozy if well painted.

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Hang Artwork

Bare walls can give your home a gloomy look while adding a piece of art can liven it up. Art poses as a focal point, making your space appear complete and displaying your ideals and interest to guests. Hanging mirrors can be a great addition, especially the tall mirrors that make your room appear bigger. If buying real art will be out of your budget range, cheaper print options can work as great.

Hang Artwork

Cozy up with curtains

Apart from improving privacy in your home, curtains also enhance your decor, which changes the feel and look of your apartment. Selecting the right color and fabric will make all the difference. Curtains will not only look amazing in your home but will also make your home warmer during winter.

Adding Scent

A great smell will always be inviting and makes your home cozy. Using air fresheners, adding fresh flowers weekly, or scented candles will leave your home with an amazing and welcoming scent.


I hope this article has inspired and demonstrated how best to make your rented apartment feel like home. Finally, it is important to note that too many colors in your home can make it confusing and dull. Always consider mixed patterns that add visual interest to your space.

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