Turn Bare Walls into Works of Art


Turn bare walls into an interesting landscape that enhances your living space.  With art, photos, mirrors, architectural details and unexpected items, a bare wall can be transformed.  There are a number of ways to accent your walls for maximum impact.

walls-trad home                house and garden

Photo on left, Traditional Home.  Photo on right, House and Garden

Mirrors provide depth, dimension and light to a room.  They can make a small space appear larger.  Now mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, in ornate frames or artistically arranged panels.  One large mirror makes an impressive statement, but many smaller mirrors arranged on the wall is even more intriguing.  Start with one large mirror or several medium-sized mirrors and arrange smaller ones around it.  Use different styles, shapes and sizes.

Wall-Mounted-Bookcase-and-Spine-Wall-Shelf          pottery barn2

Cube display shelves courtesy of Pottery Barn

Shelving options are numerous and provide a great option for displaying collections or a mix of items.  Ledges work great for displaying groups of art and photos, and can be mixed with other styles of shelving.  Display favorite objects and decorative accents on cube display shelves.


Architectural pieces placed in groupings form a strong focal point.  Beautifully carved moldings, ceiling tiles, medallions and arches add texture and dimension to your walls.  Search home repair stores, architectural salvage yards and flea markets for great finds.

Creating Space with Ghost and Mirror Furniture

white-walls          45d6c73e77949c353d33496940180ffe

Play with a variety of objects to form a wonderfully artistic and creative display.  Mount driftwood on the walls alongside small plant terrariums or hang a variety of clocks and mix them with individual numbers.  Hang small artwork from unique hooks among a group of shelved items.

Add flare and dimension to your walls with creative arrangements and eclectic groupings.  Whether by way of art, photos, mirrors or shelves, transform your walls into a museum of your inspiration.



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